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Affordable IKEA Mudrooms: Stylish Storage Solutions Under $4000

How IKEA Cabinets Enhance Home Storage with Unique Solutions

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  • How to add style and function to IKEA mudrooms
  • IKEA cabinet hacks that save you money
  • Storage options that work with limited space

You’re an IKEA customer who’s in desperate need to find extra storage options in your home — but you also want a space that’ll grow with the needs of your growing family. That means your budget is going to grow too, right? Not necessarily.

In fact, IKD has completed several IKEA mudrooms under $4,000 that show how to add value, style and storage to your home without breaking the bank. These designs feature IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system (yes SEKTION works in other rooms besides the kitchen!) combined with IKEA cabinets, accessories and Extra Items as well as some clever IKEA cabinet “hacks,” or modifications, to create one-of-a-kind mudrooms.

“IKEA mudrooms provide a cost-effective and stylish way to re-imagine your living space or to create a new space you’ve never imagined. Using IKEA cabinets, custom door styles and IKEA hacks will transform your layout and make your home more stylish and functional,” says IKD designer Merari.

In this blog we’ll look at three IKEA mudrooms that feature IKEA cabinets to address the unique needs of the space. This includes a mudroom for a young couple in Little Rock, AR who are just starting their life together and looking for a clean, Modern-style mudroom that complements the existing wood tones in the home while providing storage options for their dog’s supplies as well as for clothes and school supplies for their future children. Next is a mudroom in Atlanta, GA, that was remodeled when the couple opted to switch the existing pantry space and new mudroom areas to gain space and accommodate the need for locker-style storage; and lastly, a mudroom in Burlington, VT, designed to house a family’s shoes and jackets year-round and especially in the winter months.

IKEA customers looking to cut corners with their budget — without cutting corners on their design — will surely appreciate the following information for creating IKEA mudrooms that add unique storage options for your home.

Let’s see how to create an affordable IKEA mudroom!

Why Design
with IKD?

Why Design with IKD?

Designing a Versatile IKEA Mudroom for Long-Term Use

One of the keys to an affordable IKEA mudroom is having a checklist of your present and future needs — especially when you’re unsure how to use the space. That was the case with this 123″ (L) Modern-style IKEA mudroom which features IKEA VOXTORP cabinets in Matte White for the wall and upper cabinets.

Image 2 alt text: IKEA mudroom with IKEA VOXTORP cabinets in Matte White for the wall and upper cabinets, side view

“The customer wasn’t sure about how to use certain areas of the space, but knew they preferred a clean, modern look. They only knew it was important that it was functional at the same time. They didn’t have kids yet but the design needed to work for two kids and their dog. They also specified wanting a full-depth closet and to match the wood tones around the house as much as possible,” Merari explains.

Image 3 alt text: IKEA mudroom with IKEA VOXTORP cabinets, front view

To accommodate these requests, this mudroom features IKEA KARLBY countertops in oak for the seating area (matching the backboard) which creates a warm balance to the white space. The layout also called for an IKEA cabinet hack for the base cabinets as two of the cabinets below the bench seating were reduced to 15” (H) by reducing 24″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 30″ (H) base cabinets and converting a drawer front to use as the 24″ (W) x 15″ (H) cabinet door. These base cabinets now provide plenty of extra storage for seasonal clothes for the family as well as supplies for their dog ‘Windsor” including leashes and dog jackets. Also, the seating area creates a flat surface to drop off packages as needed.

Image 4 alt text: Base cabinet IKEA cabinet hack design and measurements

The VOXTORP upper cabinets nearly reach the 91.4″ ceilings and provide additional storage options above the seating area. Merari met their request for shoe storage and jacket storage by establishing two concealed closets with push-open cabinet doors (the clients did not want handles used) with a bar in each for coat hangers and built-in shelving for shoe storage.

Image 5 alt text: two concealed closets in mudroom with push-open cabinet doors, design and measurements

Impressively, the total cost for this Modern IKEA mudroom is just $3,812 which includes $2,832 for all IKEA products as well as $980 for Extra Items needed for the IKEA cabinet hacks and installation.

Atlanta Home’s Pantry-to-Mudroom IKEA Makeover

This next IKEA mudroom worked out by using clever IKEA cabinet hacks but also by switching this area with the existing pantry on the original architect’s floor plan.

Image 6 alt text: Pantry-to-mudroom IKEA makeover using clever IKEA cabinet hack

This added more storage options for the 125″ (L) x 68″ (D) space, which features IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system paired with IKEA’s ENKOPING door style in white wood (and IKEA GRIBBOL black cabinet pulls) and complemented by IKEA KARLBY countertop in walnut veneer for the adjacent bench seating.

Image 7 alt text: Mudroom with IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system paired with IKEA’s ENKOPING door style in white wood

The upper cabinets reach to the top of the 108″ ceilings and provide storage for winter hats and other seasonal items. Meanwhile, IKD designer Daniel was able to accommodate the client’s request for five locker-style cabinets ideal for jacket storage, among others. Daniel also found extra storage for the clients by incorporating a clever IKEA cabinet hack — or should we say seven!

Image 8 alt text: IKEA cabinet hack for locker-style cabinets, design and measurements

Indeed, seven cabinets below the bench seating were reduced to 15″ (H) by reducing 18″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 30″ (H) base cabinets. This allows for ample shoe storage, for example, or other items to be organized and concealed neatly. Adding a decorative element to the space as well are several open cubbies/shelves to display ceramic pots and wicker baskets which add visual interest and warmth to the layout.

Image 9 alt text: IKEA cabinet design and measurements for mudroom

Overall, this IKEA mudroom features six panels and the total cost was only $3,798 which includes $2,577 for all IKEA products and $1,221 for Extra Items for hacks and installation.

Creating a Family-Centric Mudroom with IKEA’s Smart Solutions

This last IKEA mudroom is a perfect example of a space ideal for families with young children.

“The clients have two young children and this space needed to be usable for them, especially with shoe storage for wet, snowy footwear. The space is 157″ (L) and the ceilings are 112″ (H) so that provided enough space to create the built-in look that they wanted,” says IKD designer Frank.

Image 10 alt text: IKEA mudroom with built-in look

It was also important to the clients that the mudroom provided closed storage so that any clutter was concealed. The couple selected IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system combined with IKEA’s AXSTAD door style in Matte White and Gray and complemented by IKEA’s KARLBY countertops in Walnut Veneer for the bench seating area underneath the window. The clients specifically requested that the previously arched window be squared off while still incorporating the natural light to brighten the entranceway.

Image 11 alt text: IKEA Mudroom cabinets using IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system combined with IKEA’s AXSTAD door style in Matte White

The AXSTAD door style (which also features IKEA BAGGANAS brass handles) also establishes a traditional design theme which complements the theme of this older, traditional-style home. There are three panels total and the layout features custom configurations of 30″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 90″ (H) for the tall center open AXSTAD cabinets which also feature medium IKEA MAXIMERA drawers. This provides ample space for hanging jackets and other seasonal items, as needed.

The layout is completed with open cabinets and floating shelves to the left of the center AXSTAD cabinets as well as above, adding storage for wicker baskets or other decorative items. Other products featured in this space include an IKEA UTRUSTA drawer front; IKEA UTRUSTA hinge with built-in damper for kitchen; IKEA SEKTION legs; IKEA FIXA countertop support; IKEA VARIERA cover plate and an IKEA FIXA drill template. In all, this unique IKEA mudroom only cost $3,720 including $2,828 for the IKEA products and $892 for Extra Items for hacks and installations.

Image 12 alt text: IKEA Mudroom layout with open cabinets and floating shelves to the left of the center AXSTAD cabinets, design and measurements

As you can see by these three designs, working with qualified design professionals can help you achieve an IKEA mudroom that is not only stylish and functional, but most of all, affordable. Our design team is here to guide you through the design and product selection process and create a space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Let’s get started now!

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