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I’ve Been an Interior Designer for 20 Years. I Finally Found the Perfect Sofa for My Home.

Even though I’m an interior designer, you’d be surprised how hard I find it to get a high-quality, long-lasting sofa for my home. Despite working in my field for two decades, I’ve always found myself only somewhat impressed with most options when searching for a new living room sofa. That’s because lots of comfy sofas just aren’t easy to wash, and I can see from their construction that they won’t last either. Recently, though, I finally found a sofa brand that checks every box on my list: Diorama.

When I tried out the Diorama modular collection, I was elated with the luxury bedding technology. My Diorama sofa wasn’t overly firm, but I didn’t sink too far into it either — the balance was just right. As a furnishings expert, I just had to look at the sofa’s construction as well, and that blew me away too. Between the 36-inch seat, frameless wood-free design, and snag-resistant fabric, I could tell that Diorama sofas were built to be extremely durable. Additionally, I admire the sustainable aspect of the frameless design which was thoughtfully crafted to not use wood. That means no trees were used in making the sofa.

I also really liked that Diorama sofas are fully modular since, instead of committing myself to one furniture arrangement, I could create any configuration that fit my home. What’s more, I could also add pieces to my Diorama setup whenever I felt like it. Knowing I could always add an ottoman for additional relaxation got me especially excited about my high-quality, highly stylish sofa.

The fabric on Diorama’s sofas especially wowed me. I know a high-performance fabric when I see one, and indeed, all Diorama fabrics are moisture-wicking, liquid-repellent, stain-resistant, pet-friendly, and OEKO-TEX® certified. They also include a water-resistant liner that inhibits any and all mold and mildew growth, which means I could enjoy my Diorama sofa worry-free during hot, humid summers.

Even if I were to somehow get a Diorama sofa wet or stain it, the removable, washable fabric covers solve that problem. I was really happy with how easy these covers were to remove and run through my laundry machines, plus they came out perfectly fresh without any tedious spot-cleaning. Between the high-end construction and the washable exterior, I was confident my Diorama sofa would look as good over time as when I first lay down on it.

My Diorama sofa has also felt equally resplendent from day one through now — I ultimately bought my Diorama since I loved it so much. Between its indulgent comforts, eye-catching and high-quality fabrics, and easy cleaning, my Diorama sofa has truly been the purchase of a lifetime. I now recommend Diorama sofas to all my interior design clients, who universally love them — and if you buy one, I’m sure you will too. Order a Diorama sofa now to take advantage of Diorama’s massive Black Friday discounts, one-year home trial policy, and complimentary shipping — no code needed.