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The Ultimate Gingerbread Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

I’m not sure if everyone is quite ready for a little holiday decor chat just yet, but as someone who’s seen some seriously cute and coveted items sell out year after year, I know it’s never too early to start thinking about some items. So in the spirit of helping you get a jumpstart on your holiday decor, today we’re talking all things gingerbread. From adorable ornaments to cozy candles, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gingerbread-themed items that will add a touch of seasonal charm to any space. So grab a cup of cocoa, get cozy, and let’s dive into the world of gingerbread decor!

Gingerbread decor comes in so many different forms beyond just the classic gingerbread house. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, bake up some treats or find a gift for a fellow gingerbread lover, I think you’ll find something on this list that brings a smile.

First up are some darling gingerbread ornaments that will add festive flair to your tree. These handcrafted beauties by Gingersnap Decor feature iconic gingerbread men, cookies and more in ceramic, wood and felt materials. They’d make a perfect addition if you’re looking to infuse your tree with some extra Christmas spirit.

For those who want to fill their home with the warm, cozy scent of the season, check out these Gingerbread Latte candles from Yankee Candle. Made with notes of molasses, cinnamon and brown sugar, they’ll truly transport you to a gingerbread wonderland from the moment you light them. I like to place one in any room I’m spending time in to spread the holiday cheer.

Of course, no gingerbread roundup would be complete without mentioning everyone’s favorite part – the treats! If you’re ready to get baking, check out this festive gingerbread cookie kit. Complete with cookie cutters and royal icing, it has everything you need to decorate to your heart’s content. I like to prep the dough ahead of time so I can easily crank out batches of cookies throughout the month.

For gift ideas, check out these gingerbread house kits. Perfect for the baker on your list, they come with everything needed to construct and decorate their very own edible masterpiece. I’ve gifted these the past few years and they’ve always been a big hit. The recipients have had a blast getting creative in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, indulge your sweet tooth or find the perfect present, I hope my curated gingerbread picks provide some inspiration as you start planning your holiday festivities. Let me know if any of these items catch your eye – Happy Holidays!

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