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From Cozy Condos to Modern Mansions – How To Find the Perfect Sofa to Fit Your Home

Any sofa you buy should last you a lifetime and work well for your home as you upgrade from an apartment to a larger space. This means, for starters, that your sofa shouldn’t lose its shape, cleanliness, or comfort over time. It also makes modularity important — you need a sofa you can reshape to fit any room.

We tested and reviewed five of the best modular sofas to see whether they checked these boxes. Two in particular — the Inside Weather Bondi collection and the Diorama Modular collection — were the cream of the crop.

Top things to look for in a sofa for all homes

  • Modularity. In modular sofas, each seat detaches from the others so you can rearrange your sofa to fit your room’s exact shape. This way, as you move into larger spaces, you face no limits.
  • Pet and kid-friendly. High-quality sofa fabrics resist stains and make for easy cleaning. That’s important with pets or young kids in your home — they’re adorable, but they can be messy. With the right fabric, any marks they leave behind will come right off during cleaning. Moisture-wicking fabric that combats mold and mildew growth is ideal too.
  • Easy to clean. Pet- and kid-friendly fabrics don’t mean as much if cleaning them feels laborious. Look for sofas with removable, machine-washable covers. This way, you can get stains out hassle-free and keep your sofa looking gorgeous and new.
  • Unbeatable comfort. Look for sofas with deep, wide seats, a tapered recline, and a reputation for holding their form and shape over several years. Custom inserts are important too — they’re how you enjoy opulence and relaxation on your own terms. A woodless frame that won’t cut, crack, or creak is a cherry on top.

Five sofa brands we recommend

1. Inside Weather Bondi collection (5/5 stars)

The Bondi modular sofa collection from Inside Weather spans two to six seats, so it suits apartments, houses, and larger spaces. Each seat on all Bondi sofas can be detached and moved, so you have infinite configurations. 

All Inside Weather fabrics are commercial-grade, so they’re fully pet-friendly, kid-friendly, moisture-wicking, and liquid-repellent. We especially recommend the Brindled Weave upholstery since, with its rub count of 100,000, wear and tear is unlikely. Cleaning is easy too — just remove the fabric covers, then machine-wash them.

You can choose between deluxe plush and memory foam inserts in your Bondi to recline and relax however delights you most. Sink right in while feeling supported with the 36-inch seat depth — infinite comfort for homes of all sizes.

2. Diorama Modular collection (5/5 stars)

For the ultimate in luxury lounging across all home sizes, we recommend Diorama. You can get sofas with as few as two or as many as 11 seats, and all Diorama sofas are fully modular. 

Diorama sofas are made of materials used in the luxury bedding space, so a lifetime of comfort is near-guaranteed. Crisp, clean upholstery is a constant thanks to Diorama sofas’ removable, washable commercial-grade fabric covers that repel liquids, wick moisture, and resist stains. We especially recommend the performance boucle fabric given its high-pile looped yarn that feels like heaven on your skin.

We also love Diorama sofas’ wood-free frames since they eliminate cutting, cracking, or creaking while providing quality and comfort from day one. The splendor of a Diorama modular sofa truly never fades.

3. The Jones Modular by Maiden Home (3.5/5 stars)

This three-seater sofa from Maiden Home is fully modular, but it isn’t available in several different sizes or numbers of seats, unlike with Inside Weather or Diorama. Nevertheless, we enjoyed laying back and relaxing on this sofa’s supportive spring-down cushions.

The Jones Modular sofa, though, wasn’t easy to clean — we couldn’t remove and machine-wash the fabric covers as with Inside Weather and Diorama. Though comfortable for an apartment or house, the Jones Modular sofa left us wanting more.

4. The Bryant Collection by Joybird (4/5 stars)

This collection from Joybird includes several modular sofas, though some of the collection isn’t modular. The modular options, though, range in seat count from two to five, so Bryant sofas do fit many homes. Plus, they’re quite comfortable, though they aren’t as blissful as the Bondi sofa or Diorama collection.

The Bryant Collection lacks removable, machine-washable upholstery and covers. Although the fabric felt plush on our skin, this didn’t make up for our having to blot out stains with water or solvents. This is never as successful as — and always more laborious than — a washer-dryer cycle. Although the Bryant Collection meets many key requirements of a modular sofa great for all home sizes, it doesn’t meet all of them.

5. The Solae Collection by Article (3 stars)

This collection from Article includes modular sofas with at most three seats, so Solae pieces are best for apartments and houses. The sofas’ high-resiliency foam, polyester filling, duck feathers, and spring suspension are comfortable, but beyond the enjoyable lounging experience, little about the Solae collection is practical for many homes.

Solae sofas are upholstered with leather, which requires special cleaners to properly care for. Even if the Solae collection included removable, machine-washable covers (it doesn’t), leather can’t be machine-washed. This made caring for our Solae sofa quite laborious for us during testing. The Solae only really works if you’re dead set on a leather sofa for a medium space. Otherwise, we recommend other sofas.

Our top sofas for apartments, houses, and large spaces alike

The Inside Weather Bondi collection and the Diorama Modular collection are our top sofas for homes of all sizes. They’re modular enough to work in any setting, and they’re entirely pet-friendly and kid-friendly, with commercial-grade fabrics resistant to spills, stains, moisture buildup, and everything in between. Plus, they feel as good as they look — while lounging on them, we have trouble working up the motivation to jump back into our days.

Inside Weather and Diorama are currently running unbeatable sales for Autumn — up to 20% off at Inside Weather and up to 30% at Diorama. Use the code AUTUMN to give your home — no matter its size — the upgrade it deserves.