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Our Experts Tested The Diorama Sofa For 12 Months: An Extensive Year-Long Luxury Sofa Review

A resplendent sofa is more than a simple way to elevate how your home looks and feels. It’s also an investment — a large purchase that brings abundant value to your life over decades. This is the main reason why people who buy Diorama’s sofas, which are known for their infinite modularity and opulent comforts, hail them as smart investments. Customer reviews often talk about how Diorama sofas maintain their excellent quality with time, so to experience this for ourselves, we tested the Diorama modular sofa for a year.

We were enthused that this sofa matched — no, transcended — all the praise with which customers have showered it. Here are the five biggest takeaways from our 12-month Diorama sofa test.

1. The upholstery always looks and feels good — and performs well

Performance, commercial-grade upholstery is the first thing you’ll lay eyes on when you look at a Diorama sofa. This fabric looks smooth and clean to the eye, and thanks to the advanced materials comprising the upholstery, it stays that way forever, all while feeling wondrous on the skin.

Diorama upholstery lasts so long since it’s liquid-repellent, stain-resistant, and snag-resistant. All these attributes are why the Diorama sofa is an excellent pet-friendly and kid-friendly choice. This was a big part of our testing: We encouraged our whole team to lean into “take your kid to work” and “take your pet to work” days. No matter how much time all the kids and dogs spent on the Diorama sofa, there was never any indication that anyone had used it. It always looked as good as new.

2. The foam comes directly from the luxury bedding space

Luxury should mean quality, and our Diorama sofa cut no corners on that front. We felt the difference that the sofa’s industry-leading foam technology, sourced directly from the luxury bedding industry, made on our lounging experience. This blend of CertiPUR-US® Foam and a down alternative felt as magnificent at the end of our 12 months as it did on day one. We sank right into the sofa each and every time, instantly transported to heaven with every lounging session.

3. The fabric resists mildew and mold growth

Some luxury fabrics retain moisture, leading to mildew and mold growth — but with the Diorama sofa, that’s never an issue. Diorama uses only mold- and mildew-resistant upholstery in its sofas, so you can lounge out without worry whether you’re cool as a whistle or still cooling down from the gym.

In fact, our testing involved team members going out running, then returning and spreading out on the Diorama sofa to relax. Our team members, of course, loved this — there’s no other cooldown quite this glamorous. Their sweat and moisture never stuck to the sofa, and no microbes grew, nor did any odors emerge — just unyielding lavishness.

4. The fabric covers come right off for easy cleaning

You might feel that luxury involves the complete avoidance of labor — as in, not straining yourself to clean your cloud-like sofa. Diorama makes this possible since its fabric covers are fully removable and washer-safe. No more vigorously blotting out stains (though we tried this and it worked excellently on Diorama’s fabrics) — just wash your upholstery in the machine. That’s all it took us to keep our Diorama sofa looking as sparkling clean as the moment it first arrived.

5. The comfort simply never faded

We lounged in endless, undying splendor with our Diorama sofa, which lacked any wood in its frame. Softness and tranquility are at the very core of this sofa, and the plush upholstery further elevates this bliss. This remained true over our 12 months testing the sofa since the fabric, foam, and wood-free frame entirely maintained their quality and shape during our trial. Our whole team agrees: Our trial period may be over, but our Diorama sofa is forever.

In the many months following our trial, our Diorama sofa has completely held up — it remains as gorgeous to gaze at as to lie on. Plus, after deciding we’d test the sofa, we really got to dive right into it since our sofa arrived rapidly. This was another win for Diorama — quick shipping in the furniture space is rare, but with Diorama’s entirely U.S.-based supply chain, expedience and luxury are always intertwined. Order a Diorama sofa now to get it sooner than later — and at a substantial discount during Diorama’s Black Friday sale — no code needed.