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Amazon Prime Day Deals: Must-Have Products for your Next Disney Trip

Are you counting down the days until your next Disney trip? As you prepare for a magical adventure, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the incredible deals available during the Amazon Prime Day Sale, and let’s all be honest, Disney and saving money never go hand-in-hand so we need to really take advantage of all the sales before the next trip. From practical essentials to delightful Disney-themed items, this sale offers a wide array of must-have products that will elevate your Disney experience. So, grab your mouse ears and get ready to explore the top products you should try to buy during this exciting shopping event!

1. Small Backpack or Fanny Pack:

A reliable and convenient travel backpack or fanny pack is essential for a Disney trip. Look for one with multiple compartments to organize your belongings and ensure easy access to essentials like sunscreen, snacks, rain gear, and your phone. I like smaller options because when you go to get on a ride, some people spin it around in front of them or place it between their legs on the floor of the ride & if it rains, smaller ones typically don’t create an issue if you need to wear a poncho during a rain storm


2. Room Organizer

If your are planing on staying on property, no matter how much you spend on a room, most likely you won’t have enough room in the bathroom, especially if a third of your suitcase is makeup and hair tools. Having a hanging toiletry bag is preferred, It simplifies the packing process, keeps your toiletries easily accessible, and keeps the counter less cluttered and accessible for everyone using that bathroom.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook

2. Portable Fan:

Keep cool and comfortable during your Disney adventure by investing in a cooling towel or a portable fan. Prime Day is a great opportunity to snag these heat-beating accessories at discounted prices. Whether it’s a chilly towel to drape around your neck or a hands-free fan to keep you cool, you’ll appreciate the refreshing relief on hot days at the parks. Don’t count this item out, speaking from experience, I was more than happy to overly pay for a Disney battery powered fan/spray bottle mister.

Handheld Mini Fan

3. Portable Phone Charger:

Don’t let a drained phone battery hinder your Disney experience. Capture memories, access mobile apps, and stay connected with a portable phone charger. If you haven’t been to Disney in the last 5 years or so, your phone is entirely essential for during your trip. You can book dining reservations through the My Disney App, Purchase/Utilize Genie+ (new fast-pass), and even unlock your room. We typically bring two portable charges and have not had any issues, and feel extra safe if you can get a good portable charger with solar charging on it!

Portable Phone Charger

IMG 3568

4. Clip-able Water Bottle:

Staying hydrated is essential during a Disney trip, and a water bottle that has a handle or a clip ring is a convenient option. Look for a BPA-free, leak-proof bottle that can be easily packed when empty and filled up at water fountains throughout the parks. If you are brining a stroller you can clip it to the side, or clip it to a backpack. There is nothing wrong keeping a water bottle inside your backpack but I found myself drinking more water when it was out and in front of me.

Large Water Battle with with Strap

5. Portable First Aid Kit:

Be prepared for minor mishaps with a portable first aid kit. Look for one that includes bandages, pain relievers, antiseptic wipes, and the most important, moleskin. Nothing can damper the magic than unexpected blisters, if those your wearing your most worn-in/favorite shoes, it can still happen. The parks do have first-aid stations, but nothing is worse than having a headache and being on the other side of Epcot to have to navigate through the crowds-in the heat to get a little Tylenol.

First-Aid kit

6. Affordable Sunglasses & Sunglass lanyards

We have worn both, our expensive glasses, and non-expensive glasses. I will say both trips, I have left with one less pair. One time, my glasses were in sitting on my head. I bent over to grab some stuff on the floor when we were on the Disney bus, they fell to the grown and before I could blink, someone accidentally stepped on them. The other I slung them into the bottom of the stroller when we were going on a ride, came back and threw something on top and bent them. I say go with a few pair of affordable, so you can be a little more carefree, and you never know when your on a ride and they decide they didn’t want to be on the ride.

Affordable Glasses

IMG 2645 jpg

7. Small Lunchbox/Travel Cooler

We typically will Shipt some groceries to include small snacks and energy drinks. We started brining a little insulated lunchbox, filled with Alani Nu’s and Water. This kept us going the entire trip, and also saved us some money, because even the waters have a Disney price.

Small Lunchbox

8. Clips, Clasps, Hooks, Velcro

This was a game changer on our second trip. The more you can clip to your backpack or the stroller the less you have to hold. Bring a few more than you need. Before you now it, you have everything you were planning, some new merchandise your bought while waiting for, a pair of water shoes, a limited edition popcorn bucket and more. The velro was great way to keep phone charger cables neat and organized so you know right where its at.

Velcro & Clips

9. Waterproof Gear

First hand experience, plan on rain during the trip. Hopefully it never comes, but there are always high chances if you’re visiting Disney World. We said we’d never do the poncho thing, turns out we liked those better than rain coats. I would absolutely bring Poncho’s, the cheap ones were fantastic. They can be an added layer if you still have the rain coats, or great options to protect additional stuff like backpacks & strollers. If you have a stroller we also recommend buying a waterproof shell meant for it, the one we have for the Nuna, allow for Cope to stay dry and full see out the bubble. And don’t forget about waterproof shoes. Putting this on public record, Crocs are worn everywhere. So if you are a secret Croc lover, Disney welcomes you! Haha.. But make sure you bring a pair of water-friendly shoes to be worn during the rain storms. If you can find a waterproof backpack that you are happy with wearing all day, that is always preferred as well, otherwise look for waterproof shells for that well protect the important items.

Waterproof Breathable Poncho

10. Comfy Shoes

There are some great athletic shoes available during Amazon Prime Day. Take a look because the right shoe choice can literally make or break the entire trip. You will be walking a lot so make sure you fully consider what shoes you are brining. The exact shoes I wore two times to Disney, and lived in them and loved them all without any blisters or issues are currently 40% off.

Rebok Princess Sneakers

IMG 3274 jpg

The Amazon Prime Day Sale is the perfect opportunity to secure must-have products for your next Disney trip. From travel essentials like backpacks and cooling accessories to Disney-themed apparel and autograph books, this sale offers an incredible range of items to enhance your Disney experience. Take advantage of the discounts and ensure you’re well-prepared for a magical adventure. Fine more Amazon Prime deals (here) at my Amazon Shop.

Remember to keep an eye on the Prime Day deals, as they often sell out quickly. Stay organized, make a list of your must-haves, and enjoy the excitement of finding fantastic products at discounted prices. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonder of Disney and create memories that will last a lifetime on your next trip!