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From Day One to Year Three: How Our Bondi Sofa Held Up to the Test of Time

Think of a great sofa as an investment: It’s a big purchase that provides tons of value over your whole life. Most people who buy Inside Weather’s Bondi sofa praise it for exactly this — they say the sofa holds up exceptionally well over time. So, naturally, we just had to test it for ourselves, and for a whole three years at that.

We expected the Bondi to be as comfortable on day 1,000 as on day one and show no signs of wear and tear or lumps. We also anticipated not needing to fluff the cushions, and we assumed the sofa would be easy to clean when kids or pets (or adults) make a mess. This all proved to be exactly correct — here’s how the Bondi held up excellently to the test of time.

1. The fabric is as durable as it gets

We loved that the fabric covering our Bondi looked good, felt good, and was fully liquid-repellent, pet-friendly, and stain-resistant. It was also commercial-grade, meaning it met at least 50,000 double rubs — or, in plainer English, virtually no amount of use could degrade or damage the fabric over time. We noticed that the sofa’s outer covering was as durable as anything we’d ever seen, and it played its part perfectly on every Take Your Dog to Work Day.

2. The inserts are customizable and resilient

Underneath the Bondi’s high-strength outer layer were equally strong inserts that kept their shape during our entire trial period. This would’ve been true whether we customized our sofa to include the Classic Plush Blend or the Deluxe Memory Foam Blend. We went with the latter to test how well the foam would keep “remembering” over time, and we sank right in just as perfectly at the end of our trial as at the start. We loved the Bondi’s slight bounce and the temperature-regulating features the whole time.

3. The moisture-wicking features kept us comfy — and our sofa spotless

As comfy as it is to lounge out on a big sofa, it’s not like this gives your back much airflow. We had some of our team members come to our office right from the gym to test how the Bondi’s moisture-wicking fabric covers addressed this, and they absolutely did the job. Within minutes of our biggest gym-goers getting back up off the sofa, there were no traces of moisture left. Even in the thick of summer, our Bondi never got mold or mildew — it resists microbial growth for life.

4. The fabric covers are entirely removable and washable

Blotting out sofa stains with a gentle cleaner is common since you can’t just put a sofa in the washer. That said, washing machines would obviously better address the stains. Inside Weather knows this — the Bondi’s fabric covers are fully removable and machine-washable. 

This came in handy when our employees brought their kids to the office. We intentionally blotted out some stains the kids left behind (there’s a reason we put out chips and salsa for them), and at other times,  we threw the covers in the wash. Both approaches led to a fully clean, stain-free surface, though the washer approach was far less laborious. We were grateful that the Bondi’s removable covers saved us so much effort in keeping our sofa sparkling.

5. The sofa was as comfy at the end as at the start

That one-of-a-kind cloud lounging experience never faded with the Bondi. From the very get-go to when we stopped testing, the 25-inch-deep and 36-inch-wide seats delivered each and every time, as did the Bondi’s tapered recline. The sofa had fully kept its shape once our testing period ended — and, to this very day, it’s still holding up. We actually loved it so much that it’s become a hotspot for midday naps at the office, and everyone agrees: It’s as resplendent now as it was then.

Over our trial period, the Bondi fully held up in every way, as it has in the months afterward. The sofa has remained fully dreamlike to lie on and pleasing to look at, and back when we first got started, it arrived super quickly after we ordered it. That’s because Inside Weather sofas are made entirely in the USA, so there are no overseas shipping delays. Order a Bondi sofa now to get it quickly — and at a huge discount during Inside Weather’s summer sale. Order a Bondi sofa now to get it quickly — and at a huge discount during Inside Weather’s Labor Day sale by using code: LABORDAY