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Cozy Summer Closet – Walmart Fashion Finds

What some don’t understand from looking in on our home & my closet from the outside & something I should speak on more is: Cozy to me is to be able to LIVE in our home & what I wear. Often times people assume when a pallet is neutral or filled with shades of white is that carefulness & cleanliness is a priority. I can promise you it’s not. I am messy, I am rarely cautious, & I am rarely worried about me or anyone else FULLY LIVING in our home & in the pieces in our closets. White floors hide more than you think, antiques are already chippy & used, most of our upholstered pieces are slipcovered, I make sure everything is scrubbable, & the items in our closets are all materials that are easily washable & meant to be lived in. Cozy to me is not having to worry about messes while I live my day to day life in my home & my wardrobe. I don’t want to worry about spills from a toddler, messes from a diy project, dirt from a farm animal, or splashes from a pool. I just want to be cozy & care free. I have been trying to share my cozy fashion finds daily so be sure to follow my socials for more & see my recent cozy walmart finds below: