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7 Reasons Why Our Bondi Sofa Was Worth Every Penny

When my family’s old sofa gave out, I knew it was time for an upgrade — one that would last forever. Since the family includes me, my wife, our two kids, and our cat and dog, we needed a sofa that could stand up to just about anything. We were looking for something equally durable and comfortable that worked for housing overnight guests, hosting game day get-togethers, and everything in between. Our family is also big on eco-friendliness, so we considered solely sustainable options amid this all. 
Only Inside Weather’s Bondi met all our needs — it’s truly been the purchase of a lifetime. Here’s why our Bondi sofa has taken our home above and beyond — and will continue doing so for all our years.

1. Boundlessly modular and adjustable

Our Bondi four-seater sofa and sectional, with two ottomans, takes on every shape we could possibly need. We move the ottomans around to give everyone a proper leg rest when we’re all watching a movie. When we have guests staying over, we arrange the seat blocks and ottomans into a long, resplendent daybed. With our Bondi sofa, we can pull off whatever arrangement of ends, corner pieces, and ottomans we need.

2. Breathtakingly wide and deep seats

I’ll never forget the first time I sat down on our Bondi sofa — I sank right in and immediately felt at ease. The Bondi’s 25-inch seat depth created a lounging experience that simply took my breath away. And that was before I even stretched out and lay down! The whole family agrees: Whether we’re sitting upright on game night or one of us is lounging out after a busy work or school day, we’re in heaven.

3. Abundant comfort features

Our Bondi’s comfort only starts with its seat depth and width. There’s also the comfort-centric webbing, alternative down and memory foam blend, and tapered recline that keep us well-supported. These features are also why we feel like we have infinite space every time one, some, or all of us spend time on our Bondi. It’s the kind of comfort we just never achieved on our old sofa.

4. Customizable luxury

We loved that we could choose between two Bondi material blends for even more comfort: classic plush and deluxe memory foam. After speaking with Inside Weather’s design team to get expert help on our choice, we went with the deluxe memory foam blend. The notion of inserts that we’d sink into, but that would hold their shape and help us regulate our temperatures, was endlessly appealing. We felt the difference this blend makes from the very moment we first started using our sofa.

5. Hundreds of liquid-repellent, pet-friendly fabrics

We got to choose from literally hundreds of upholsteries when buying our Bondi sofa, and all the options available were commercial-grade, liquid-repellent, stain-resistant, and kid- and pet-friendly. We tried quite a few swatches since they were all free, and we ultimately went with the whiskey micro suede. The color is gorgeous — it dovetails beautifully with our hardwood floors — and our kids’ spills and pets’ scratching and dirty paws haven’t altered it whatsoever. Our Bondi sofa keeps on looking as good as new.

6. Life-proof construction

It’s not just that our Bondi sofa looks as good as new — in a way, it is as good as new since the Bondi is constructed to be “life-proof.” The fabric covers are removable and machine-washable, with water-resistant liners and moisture-wicking properties that prevent mold and mildew growth. Plus, our sofa has 100% kept its shape over the years, so we know we’ll have it forever.

7. Made sustainably in the USA

All Inside Weather sofas, including the Bondi, are made with FSC Certified wood and CertiPUR-US® foam. The fabrics are non-toxic, PFC-free, and OEKO-TEX® Certified, and the foam is made of upcycled plastic bottles. This all addressed our sustainability concerns, as did Inside Weather’s carbon-neutral shipments and two trees planted per order. 
None of these highly specific features got in the way of our sofa’s delivery, which was rapid. We shouldn’t have been so surprised by this — Inside Weather sofas are, after all, made entirely within the USA. From start to finish, our sofa has supported both us and the earth.

We couldn’t be happier with the Bondi sofa — we knew well before the end of our 365-day home trial that we’d found the perfect fit for both our comfort and our values. If you too are looking for a comfortable, sustainable modular sofa that lasts a lifetime, trust us — this is the one. Plus, for a limited time during their Labor Day sale, the already competitive prices drop by 20% sitewide when you use the code LABORDAY.