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Cozy Free People Look-A-Likes – Cozy Coastal Grandma Style

We all know I like cozy decor, but maybe you don’t know I also love a cozy closet too? I try to describe my style often, but all I can land on is ‘cozy coastal grandma style’. Yup, that’s all I got. A cozy coastal grandma who likes to work in her garden, have clothes she can lounge in & run errands in, & more. I just like to be cozy! I also am a HUGE FAN of all things at Free People including their cozy sets, but sometimes the price can be higher or you can’t get multiples because of the pricing as well if you want more than one color or more than one style. So today I rounded up a few different cozy sets from free people & also some more affordable look-a-likes that I have collected over time from Amazon that I love so you can get the look for less as well…

All of these sets above are so similar, but of course are offered in different colors, materials, & more so you should do your own research of what will work best for you & your lifestyle. I of course love both of each of these for different reasons, but that price difference is amazing!!

I also got these cozy slides from amazon too & they look so much like Birkenstocks that I love! You can see both below & more cozy finds on my Amazon page [HERE].