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Weekend Antique Haul – Springfield Extravaganza Spring 2023

Hi friends! Well, it’s that time of year again finally… FLEA MARKET SEASON! Through the winter I do weekend antique hauls here & there if I stop at an antique shop, but the summer it seems like I can do one of these weekly because there are always flea markets & things happening when it warms up. This past weekend we attended the Springfield Extravaganza in Springfield, Ohio & it never disappoints. For those of you who want to find flea markets near you, I asked on my recent IG post [HERE] for others to share what markets they are attending this year in the comments along with the location to help you out. Be sure to share where you are going to promote those markets as well & help others out. I wanted to share what I got this weekend, but didn’t get the trailer unloaded so I’ll start by sharing the smalls with you first…

A small list of what I picked up to inspire your next flea market visit:

  • tall wall hanging cabinet with door
  • chippy corbel shelf
  • painted folding chair
  • vintage outdoor lights
  • antique cabbage ware
  • antique chalk ware sheep
  • wooden architectural floral art
  • vintage framed ‘boy & bunny’ art
  • ceramic Italian fruit topiaries
  • vintage Beatrix potter books
  • antique planters
  • antique mail holder

Such a fun haul & there are a couple bigger pieces I can’t wait to show you as well. Honestly Springfield extravaganza is SO BIG that we could have kept going, but with a toddler in hand & the first hot weekend weather of the year… we were spent halfway through! If you go come prepared with a few days probably, a good wagon, hydration, & more because it’s truly a marathon of a flea market which is AMAZING! There is something for everyone for sure. We also stopped at a local antique shop: Heart of Ohio Antiques & got a few things there as well.

I’ve started to place some of the pieces around the house, but as many of you know we are currently under renovations so many of our things are in storage & the house is pretty torn up so I will place what I am keeping later on, but a few of the pieces will be heading to our shop, The Found Cottage, so be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will share those details. Hope you had a great weekend & I hope you found some treasures if that was your goal!! You can see past antique hauls [HERE] for more antiquing inspiration!