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Cabbage Ware Old & New – Cozy Cottage Garden Tableware

From the time I was young my grandma had me obsessed with all things cabbage & basically anything that looked like it came out of a Beatrix Potter book. She always had Peter Rabbit books around, cabbage ware, & garden themed things from books to art. So it’s no surprise that as a thirty something year old I am obsessed with all things Cozy Cottage Garden including Peter Rabbit, Garden themes, & of course cabbage ware along with any other thing shaped like a garden veggie.

I have been collecting cabbage ware for a long time & I always get asked about it so I’ve shared a few sources here & there, but today I did a big round up again of cabbage ware old & new for you. From white to green & everything in between here are some sources for cabbage ware currently both old & new. You can find it out & about at antique shops, flea markets, & more but if you want to find some online… I got you!  You can see the individual items by tapping the photos below…