How To Have A Warm Bed With No Heating On

Keep Your Heating Off At Night And Be Toasty Warm In Bed

In the UK, the price of Electric rose fourfold in 2023. Many did not understand what this meant for the rise in electricity costs. They just seemed to go on as I it was normal until the next electric reading and bill landed on the doorstep or into their account.

Then the problems began with people not understanding how they were now being asked for £400 instead of the usual £100 for their electric usage. So many people are struggling to stay afloat due to the unbelievable rise in electric bills during the winter months.

A warm bed is essential for a good night’s sleep, especially during those colder months. However, not everyone has access to central heating, and some may want to reduce their energy consumption. Fear not, for there are plenty of ways to keep your bed cozy without relying on traditional heating systems.

Here we show you a simple solution for using no electricity at night and having a toasty warm bed all night at no cost once set up.

I own a small flat in Scotland, and the weather here is very cold and damp in winter and the early months before and after winter. Due to the unbelievably rising electricity costs, I now sleep at night without electricity running.

I make sure that everything is switched off, even on standby, to save a few pence here and there. It all adds up.

We will explore various methods and tips to help you create a warm and inviting sleep environment without breaking the bank or using energy-intensive heating options.

The Things Needed To Keep Warm

A bed and a mattress or a sleeping bag. I will not go into these too much as it is obvious that one of these will help keep you warm at night, combined with a few other items.

Layer Up

Layering is one of the most effective ways to keep warm. Start with a fitted sheet, followed by a top sheet, a blanket, and a comforter or duvet. The trapped air between each layer will act as insulation, retaining your body heat and keeping you warm throughout the night.

A Top Quality Mattress Cover

The idea here is to keep the heat in the bed rather than let it escape through the mattress and away from the body. A good quality mattress cover sits nicely on top of your mattress and does exactly what it should.

Our Pick

Mattress Cover

This is the best mattress cover on the market looking at reviews online. One that keeps the warm air in, and the cold air out

As the bed warms up, this cover keeps all of that warm air where it should be, and also keeps the cold circulating air under the bed out.


  • Keeps the bed toasty warm
  • Keeps cold air out

Choose the Right Bedding

Invest in flannel or fleece sheets, as they have excellent insulating properties. Opt for a heavier comforter or duvet, preferably filled with down or synthetic alternatives, which provide excellent insulation without adding bulk.

A decent quilt for winter use

A quilt is an obvious choice, and one designed to keep you warm in winter is what you should use. Not a summer-style quilt. If you have a large bed, make sure the quilt goes over the edges of the bed to keep the warmth in when you move around not allow open gaps into the bed to let the cold air of the room in.

Top Choice
Night Comfort 16.5 Tog King Size Duvet

An ultra-warm duvet is fully recommended by those who have previously purchased one.

A hollow fiber filling made from pure optic polyester fiber. The filling is packed tightly into individual pockets.

This creates a lofty, airy duvet that will stay warm for at least half an hour after you leave.

Quilt Cover

A good quality quilt cover and pillowcases are essential in the warmth of your bed when your room is cold. A quilt cover and pillows that retain and keep the heat instantly are what you need.

Our Pick

Fleece Bedding

A warm and cosy fleece creates the ideal environment to curl up on chilly nights, protected from the low temperatures.

This is the ideal solution to climbing into a cold bed and receive immediate help to get warm with top-quality fleece and pillowcases.


  • Very warm fleece
  • Instantly warms and stays warm

Use A Weighted Blanket

So you have sorted out the base of your bed by adding the thermal mattress cover, bought some decent fleece bedding to keep you warm, and purchased a good quality winter quilt that fits nicely over the bed keeping the air pockets warm, so what else helps?

What about a heavy weighted blanket? I have introduced this to my bed at night when the weather is very cold. Anything from around 3 degrees outside brings my mattress topper into play.

This keeps the warmth you are producing in the same place in the bed. It also helps many like me to have a good night’s sleep by limiting the time I move around in bed due to the weight of the topper.

Our Pick

Weighted Blanket

With a massive number of sales and a very high rating you can see that a heavy-weighted blanket is top of the list for many people.

I for one, love the feeling of weight when I am cuddling up in bed. Not excessive, but enough to help you to stay relaxed and still at night and to keep the warmth in the bed and not escape through the quilt.


  • It helps to keep warmth in
  • Relaxing
  • good for stress and other issues

Warm Up Your Bed Before Sleep

Before bed, use a hot water bottle to warm the bed before getting in. I have two hot water bottles as shown below. I use them both and place them in the bed about 30 minutes before I get in.

Choose A Hot Water Bottle

A good hot water bottle can make all the difference to your bed heat. Choose those that suit your needs and hold the heat for a good length of time.

Previously, we used an electric heating pad to pre-warm the sheets. You could also toss a blanket or a pair of pajamas in the dryer for a few minutes to heat them. Sadly due to the cost of electricity, keeping your electric blanket on all night is no longer considered a cheap option.

However, if you need constant warmth and that feeling of heat all night in bed, choose an electric blanket that is not too expensive to run for 6-8 hours every evening.

I tried the electric blanket idea. For me, it is a non-starter. You use electricity all night when you sleep when you do not need to. The costs will soon add up over a month.

Use a Draft Stopper

Cold drafts can easily sneak into your bedroom, making your bed less inviting. Use a draft stopper at the bottom of doors and windows to keep the cold air out and maintain a warmer sleeping environment.

I personally have this exact draft-stopper. It is perfect, as you do not need to keep pushing it into place every time you open or close the door. This alone is great in a house or flat where you may have drafts running from room to room, and it can easily keep the warm air in your bedroom at night.

Wear Warm Sleepwear

Opt for thermal or fleece sleepwear that covers as much of your body as possible, including your feet. Consider wearing a hat, as much heat is lost through the head.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Cold feet can disrupt sleep and make it difficult to feel warm in bed. Wear a pair of warm socks or slip your feet into a pair of good quality slippers whilst walking around your home. These are my slippers. I use them with the socks listed below.

These are my foot warmers. They work perfectly with a good quality pair of socks. I also have mittens for my hands with the fingertips missing so that I can work on a computer without the heating on full blast and only a room heater periodically to keep the airflow warm.

Use A Small Low kWh Heater

I have one heater in my bedroom and one in the living room. I use them instead of switching the heating on all day long. What is the point of using electricity in a house that I am not in for 8 hours a day?

By implementing these simple tips and tricks, you can create a warm and cozy bed without relying on energy-consuming heating systems. This saves you money and helps reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to sleep comfortably and responsibly.