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White Cottage Farm Kitchen Reno – Brick Laying Update

An update for you on the new [old]  brick in our cozy cottage casa: The brick has officially all been installed!! The floor in the butler pantry is fully laid & grouted as well as the stove cove that is all laid & grouted as well. Since the last update on the brick [HERE] we chose the grout color & we went with a “lime” grout that is heavily sanded to show a lot of the different particles in the grout for a super natural look without being too white or too dark. The brick is laid & grouted, which is a huge step in this renovation of our kitchen area, but it’s far from done, but I didn’t want too leave you hanging…

The next step towards finishing it that will come soon is sealing all of the brick. The reason for the pause in the brick process is because we wanted to make sure the grout is full dried out before sealing it. When we get to that process of sealing & what we choose I will share all of those details with you then. If you want to see more of the brick & kitchen process in video form, you can see my “kitchen Reno 1” & “kitchen Reno 2” highlight on my Instagram [HERE]. 

Oh & surprise! We found our new [very old] windows at a reclaimed shop this past weekend for in the butler pantry! These will be on the wall they are leaning on separating the butler pantry from the hallway. I can’t wait to get them framed in & this wall finished! Stay tuned for that.

I am LOVING how the brick is coming out & I am so happy with our brick & grout choices that we made. I hope by sharing this I can help you if you ever want to choose a brick finish in your home. You can see the start of the brick, the brick we chose, & things we are doing to make our brick look like it’s always been in our 1800’s farmhouse [HERE]. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! Stay tuned for more brick updates to come!