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5 Window Wall Scroll Stoppers

I talked on my stories today about how we are going to be separating our kitchen & sunroom instead of combining them to make a large kitchen like we have for the past 7 years. We have learned that there is a lot of unused space when we combine the two spaces & that we truly don’t enjoy the sunroom to the fullest because it’s only kitchen focused. Our goal is to build some sort of pony wall & build or find old windows to put along the top to divide the two rooms with some window/French doors for the walkway in the middle. The kitchen will remain large as again the sunroom space of the kitchen was very unused and waisted & the sunroom will be a cozy room now for some chairs, a desk, & more looking out onto the farm. I’m excited to use the sunroom for office space, cuddling space, & more! This will also give the kitchen another wall [half wall] to utilize with a piece of furniture against the bottom half of the wall & so much more. We also won’t loose a lot of the light from the sunroom windows because the wall will be made of windows letting that light in. For a visual I decided to share some window walls I have found via Pinterest for this weeks scroll stoppers to give you an idea of the direction we are going. Of course ours will be unique to our home, but this will start this kitchen renovation mood board off for me & you to share together. This week’s scroll stoppers is different as I usually share creatives & their work from Instagram, but today’s were Pinterest finds & many were uploads by users with no info uploaded with them so I put them all in this folder [HERE] for you & this is where you can follow my kitchen inspiration as we go as well. Hope these leave you feeling inspired in some way as well…

The rustic wood, the small window panes, the flooring, the high ceilings… I love it all. Our ceilings are very low, but I am inspired by the combination of all of this.

The way they built things in the past is something I wish we would bring back to everything we did now. Minus the lead paint, but the thickness of the trim, the windows, & just the old world charm of it all. Very inspiring!

I love how clean this one is as I feel like we will end up on the clean side because this is something we will be adding to the house now in our renovation & not an area that is existing that we are restoring so I found this relatable & inspiring.

If I could just find pieces like this I could insert right in to the space that would be great! The warmth of it all while letting light flow to the next space is so lovely!

This last one I love so much with the warm white & warm wood floors. I’ll take it all! The doorway also is one that I have been picturing in my head as well.

I am excited to start this project of separating our sunroom & kitchen & I am very excited to also start sharing the whole process with you. Be sure to follow my kitchen pins [HERE] & share the source info if you know it too so I can add them to the pins as well. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! xx