5 Ways to Make Your House a Home Ready Before Your Bundle of Joy

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The nesting stage during pregnancy is something that any expectant moms know all too well! It encompasses that almost feverish preparation to get the home ready for the impending arrival, but there are so many other ways for us to be practical so we can prepare our home for the baby. Here are a few methods to bear in mind so you can make a new nest for your new arrival.

Create Comfort First 

Comfort is going to be essential, not just for the new arrival, but for yourself. If you are expecting a girl, there are plenty of nursery ideas for girls to give you inspiration, but when you start to look at specific colors or designs, as well as the furniture, think about how it serves your purposes in the long run. It’s nice to have a space that looks lovely, but we also need to make sure that we optimize the spaces to see ourselves through these challenges. 

You might not even get the nursery ready just yet, in which case, you may want to rejig your bedroom situation, especially if you plan on having the baby in the basket next to your bed. For example, rethink your route from the bed to the basket and potentially swap the bed around just in case there are numerous trip hazards during the nighttime. Moving things like rugs or awkwardly positioned furniture can also make things a lot easier.

Rethink Your Lighting

Your home might have been adequately lit before the baby came along, but you might be surprised as to how lighting situations can change when you’re trying to get a baby to sleep (and keep them that way)! This is where something like a dimmer switch, a soft ambient lamp, or a night light can make a big difference. 

Midnight feeds are going to be less of a shock to the system if you install less harsh lighting. There’s nothing worse than being suddenly awoken and then having to switch on all of the lights, and can make it even more difficult to get back to sleep if you are one of those people who sleep very lightly. You might have the temptation to invest in something like blackout blinds, but if you wake up drowsy during the night feeds, you’ll need something to light the way so you don’t trip or stumble into something.

Streamline Your Stuff

You must get the home ready, which doesn’t just mean decorating the baby’s nursery, but ensuring that your home is fit for purpose. A baby comes with a lot of stuff, from bottles to clothes, and you will need to find a space for all of it. 

It might be worth putting items into storage if you don’t have the headspace to declutter right now, but it’s a good idea to take advantage of the early days of your pregnancy by decluttering the home. Decluttering is great for our mental health and is a key part of the nesting process. 

Get the Kitchen Ready

Ensuring you are ready for a new arrival is about making sure that you make life easier for yourself. One of the best tips is to batch cook and freeze meals so you can at least have a healthy and balanced meal during those whirlwind first few weeks. 

Having a baby glued to you means you will only have one hand free to eat and drink, so think about foods that are easy to eat but also make for excellent freezer fodder!

Make Your Home Secure

Ensuring your home is secure is even more important when you get into that protective frame of mind. We can spend years in a house and think that we should upgrade the locks or change the door handles, but now is the perfect opportunity to do everything you need because you won’t get around to it when the baby comes! You don’t want to be caught on the wrong foot if you live in an area that is exposed to thieves, but you should also keep your wits about you when it comes to fraudulent practices. 

There are more scam callers than ever, and when somebody calls from “your bank,” you can be inclined to believe them if you’re so sleep-deprived! It’s about making sure that you know the up-to-date signs of fraudulent activities, as this will ensure everybody is ready for when the baby comes along.

Making your house a home ready for a new arrival covers a lot of ground. It’s about making sure that your home is a place of comfort for your newborn baby while also making life easier for yourself.

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