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Hallway Bathroom Update: Back To The Drawing Board For Shower Curtain Fabric

I have a few irons in the fire right now with the work I’m doing on the front porch, and the studio project waiting in the wings. (The weather has turned bad now, and will be for a couple of days, so I’ll be focusing on the studio today and possibly through next week.) So it’s possible that you’ve forgotten that I’m also planning some changes to the hallway bathroom.

That’s not really a project that I’m champing at the bit to get started on. The front porch and studio projects are priority right now. But I do want to have everything I need for the bathroom updates so that when the front porch is finished, and I’m eyeball-deep in the studio project, I can use the bathroom updates as my “I need a break from the studio” project.

Here’s what the bathroom looks like right now…

I’m still working through all of the updates I want to make, but I know for sure I want (1) a new shower curtain, (2) a new vanity color, and (3) a new countertop.

I had already decided on the shower curtain fabric. My plan was to use the same fabric that I used on pillows that are in the purple chairs in the living room.

That fabric is one of my all-time favorites. I have some on hand, but not enough for a shower curtain, so I planned to buy more. That’s proven to be an impossibility. The fabric has been discontinued, but I thought for sure I could find some remaining stock somewhere. But I have scoured the internet for more of that fabric, and I just can’t find any. I’ve found it listed at two online fabric stores, and I’ve placed an order at both stores, only to receive an email from both stating that they actually don’t have any of that fabric in stock.

So I’ve been forced to start over in my search for the perfect fabric. I believe I’ve found some great contenders, though. I came across one particular designer on Spoonflower who has several different watercolor floral prints (watercolor florals are my favorite), and some of them are in colors that would work perfectly in our house.

This first one is my favorite. I do wish the print were a little larger (y’all know I like BIG flowers), but I think it’s very pretty just as it is. The colors are perfect, and I would have lots to choose from when selecting a new vanity color. It’s a happy, colorful fabric without being childish, which is always a hard balance to strike.

Wild Grasses fabric by Ninola Design on Spoonflower

This next one is the same design in a different color. It would be perfect for our house as well, although I knew some you might say, “Too much teal!” 😀 Never. One can never have too much teal.

Wild Grasses Glue by Ninola Design on Spoonflower

I really like the lightness and airiness of this next print. The flowers look delicate, which seems nice for a bathroom.

Spring Romance Bouquet Watercolor Floral Rose by Ninola Design on Spoonflower

And finally, this coral floral really struck me. It’s available in other colorways, but this one was my favorite.

Summery Oleander Florals Coral Pink by Ninola Design on Spoonflower

So if I had to choose right this moment, I’d probably go with the first one, although the one with the teal background is a very close second.

In other news, I did get the new sconces.

Now the task will be to figure out how to make those sconces look like hand sculpted plaster like the other very expensive flower sconces that I really wanted but couldn’t justify purchasing because of the price. I have a feeling that some air dry Sculpey clay is in my future.

So for now, my priority is working on the front porch when the weather is beautiful. On bad weather days (like today and tomorrow), and after the front porch is finished, I’ll be focused almost exclusively on the studio until it’s finished. But I know that during that studio project, there will be days when I just need a break from the studio, so I’ll have these fun little bathroom updates that can keep me busy.