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DIY Stone Rabbits – Cozy Cottage Spring Decor

I have used this technique for years, but it’s fun to bring it to a smaller scale & to use it to create a faux stone finish on thrifted items. I found some super cheap brightly painted rabbits at the antique store a while back & right when I saw them I knew I wanted to give them a little cozy cottage makeover so I took them home & today Cope & I did a little momma & me makeover to the rabbits that was so easy a 4 year old could do it…

I wanted to create a stone like finish on the rabbits somewhat similar to [these rabbits from pottery barn] but in a lighter tone so I grabbed a favorite paint color in [you can use a grayish or stone like paint color] & some white wax. One quick coat of the paint & after it was dry, one coat of white wax & then wipe the wax off & we had some diy stone rabbits to fit into our cozy cottage spring decor here on the farm.

I used [this paint here in my diy folder] in the color Algonquin & the [white or liming wax here] for the rabbits & I love how they turned out! I quickly styled them here to share with you, but you will be seeing them around the house in other looks I’m sure. You can also do more coats of white wax to get more on there for that stone look, but I just did one here to show you the diy. You can see a video tutorial on my Instagram [HERE]. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! You can see more of our spring decor [HERE]. xx