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Diorama’s Modular Sofa vs. Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Sofa: A Side-By-Side Comparison

We tested both collections to see which one is superior.

The Modular Collection by Diorama vs. the Cloud Collection by RH

Recently, we heard whisperings of a modular sofa collection superior to Restoration Hardware’s beloved Cloud Collection, so we knew we had to investigate. We tested this collection, the Modular Collection by Diorama, alongside the Cloud Collection, for all the same factors. While we walked away happy with both, we found that Diorama beat Restoration Hardware on almost every front. Below, we’ve broken down every key comparison point and explained why Diorama might be the best new modular sofa around.

How they compare

Cushion filling and exterior

Diorama uses industry-leading foam used in the luxury bedding space for an opulent lounging experience. We felt the difference when lying down and stretching out on the Modular 3-Seater Sofa + Ottoman. We also liked that this fully luxurious boucle fabric is liquid-repellent and pet-friendly.

Restoration Hardware cushions include a soft foam core with goose feathers surrounding it. The sofa’s back cushions are half feather, half polyfiber. However, the Cloud Collection’s cushions required frequent fluffing, and this lost the Cloud Collection major points for us. Fluffing the cushions became a daily activity and it really only led to partial fluffing. 

We also noticed that the Cloud base creases permanently from sitting and, frustratingly, regularly steam-ironing the sofa would be the only way to address this. Additionally, the base just wasn’t as comfortable as we expected — there seemed to be little inside the cushion, and we felt the hardwood frame through the cushions. We had no such complaints with Diorama.

Cushion covers

Diorama sofa covers include concealed zippers for easy removal and washing. These covers are liquid-resistant and stain-resistant, and we liked that you can run them through a washer and dryer without worry. While Restoration Hardware sofa covers are washable, the fabric frame cover isn’t removable.


The Modular Collection by Diorama is designed to offer unlimited configurations. Each module within Diorama’s sofas includes fasteners under each corner, and connecting the modules was easy and quick. We were impressed that this modularity was possible without bolts or a frame. While the Cloud by Restoration Hardware is modular as well, we felt that Diorama offered more configurations with less effort.


Here are the dimensions for Diorama’s Modular 3-Seater Sofa + Ottoman:

  • Seat depth: 36”
  • Sofa depth: 48.75”
  • Seat height: 15”
  • Back height: 32”

By comparison, here are Restoration Hardware’s dimensions:

  • Seat depth: 22.5”
  • Sofa depth: 40” for Classic, 45” for Luxe
  • Seat height: 18.5”
  • Back height: 24”

We found that, given its larger dimensions on three of these four measurements, the Diorama sofa made for a more comfortable lounging experience.


The boucle fabric in Diorama’s sofas is a high-pile, looped yarn that’s also high-performance and strongly liquid-repellent. We were impressed with how this fabric felt, and we liked that the fabric would last a lifetime while resisting stains. The boucle is just one of 18 high-performance fabrics that Diorama offers, giving you options if durability and a life-proof sofa are high priorities. You can order free swatches for any of these fabrics.

Restoration Hardware offers a similar number of fabrics — 19, to be exact. To obtain specialty fabrics from Restoration Hardware, though, you’ll pay extra, whereas this quality is the default with Diorama. You can order free swatches for either brand.

Sofa frame

Diorama’s sustainable practices avoids traditional wood in its sofa, instead opting for a frame molded with airmesh casings, tensile-grade threading, and high-quality foam. This makes the frame more durable since foam isn’t susceptible to cutting, creaking, or cracking like wood. 
Restoration Hardware’s sofa frames offer three types of sofa arms. One is comparable to the roomy, wide arms of the Modular Collection by Diorama. Another is just as flat but much narrower. The third is curved and thin. While we appreciated this diversity of sofa arm options, the traditional hardwood frame in the Cloud lacked the Modular’s exceptional durability.


Since Diorama sofas contain no wood in their frames, no trees need to be cut down for their construction. This makes Diorama among the most sustainable sofas we’ve ever encountered. Diorama also ships its sofas with eco-compression that reduces its carbon emissions by 300% compared to the average transportation process. Notably, the company’s warehouse is in the U.S., so pollution-heavy overseas shipping isn’t part of their process.

Where Diorama prioritizes sustainability on many fronts, the Cloud’s only sustainable feature is its long-lasting fabric that minimizes future production and purchases. While we appreciate any steps a sofa brand takes to be more sustainable, Diorama emerged as the clear winner on this front. Its low-impact production and transportation, alongside its lifelong durability, reduce waste, deforestation, and emissions in unparalleled ways.


When buying modular sofas, you may notice many different price points for a brand. This is because, with every seat you add onto a sofa, the price can jump significantly. We thus found it most effective to compare the three-seat options for the Modular Collection by Diorama and the Cloud by Restoration Hardware.

Diorama’s Modular 3-Seater Sofa + Ottoman, in Boucle in Aspen, costs $5,850. The right-arm sofa for the Cloud costs $5,095, and the left-arm chaise costs $6,395, for a total of $12,245. This makes the Diorama a much more cost-effective sofa, especially since it also includes an ottoman. In fact, certain Diorama nine-seaters cost less than the Restoration Hardware Cloud Collection’s three-seater.

Warranty and delivery

Restoration Hardware and Diorama both offer the white glove delivery services that modular sofa customers have come to expect. Diorama, though, couples this with a 365-day in-home trial that Restoration Hardware lacks. Given Diorama’s U.S.-based sofa assembly, delivery typically occurs within one week to a month, while Restoration Hardware takes two weeks to four months.


There are astounding things we can confidently say about Diorama that would be an exaggeration for the Cloud Collection. The Modular Collection boasts a deeper seat and higher back, and its construction is both sustainable and longer-lasting. Plus, the foam cushions and boucle fabric feel truly magnificent, all for about half the price of the Cloud. You get higher quality overall with the Diorama collection — shop below!

For a limited time, during their Labor Day sale, Diorama is offering up to 30% off sitewide with code LABORDAY.

Modular Collection by Diorama