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11 Beautiful Painted Easter Egg Scroll Stoppers

Welcome to this weeks scroll stoppers!! This week I was stopped dead in my scroll by so many amazing painted Easter eggs as we head into Easter so I had to round a few up here in this weeks scroll stoppers to hopefully leave you feeling inspired & give you some more creatives to follow in your scroll. Here are 11 beautiful painted Easter egg scroll stoppers…

The most aesthetic mood board painted Easter eggs from lipeevaolga

Gorgeous eggs by felicitybuchanandesigns

The cutest eggs I ever did see from aliceshomeandoven

The most intricately beautiful painted Easter eggs from sofieswetterfineart

The most charming painted Easter eggs from msnastyi

The sweetest heirloom painted Easter eggs from johanakrasinski_

More frame worthy painted Easter eggs from johanakrasinski_

The cutest painted Easter egg decor idea from popsandpiaf

This painted Easter egg needs to be wallpaper asap claretheresegray

The best color palette from painted eggs from korieherold

I could keep going, but let’s end it on the most beautiful flat layout of painted Easter eggs by kellyventuradesign

Be sure to follow these talented egg artists & show them some love!! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to xx