5 Useful Machines Every Avid Woodworker Needs

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When getting into woodworking more seriously, it can be worth investing in some machinery to speed things up. Regular manual tools like hand saws and sanding blocks may be able to get the job done, but it will take you much longer to finish each project. Below are a few machines that could help to make woodworking much faster and easier.

Electric saw

Manual sawing can be painstaking work – especially with large pieces of wood. An electric saw could make light work of your project. But just what type of electric saw should you buy?

Circular saws and jigsaws are available as handheld tools and can allow you to work from any angle. Circular saws are ideal for clean straight cuts, while jigsaws are cable of curves and intricate cuts.

A band saw is a stationary saw machine that could also be worth buying if you have the room. With a band saw, you feed the wood into the saw. They are ideal for when you want to make fast straight cuts. 

Sanding machine

When helping to get a smooth finish on wood, a sanding machine can produce instant results. It is much more convenient than spending an hour with a sanding block (although there are times when a sanding block and sandpaper have the advantage). .

Handheld sanding machines such as orbital sanders are very popular. These can be used in various locations from sanding down hardwood floors to sanding down outdoor wooden furniture.

A stationary sanding belt is another option. This is better suited to sanding down boards and small pieces of wood. These machines do take up quite a bit or room, which is something to consider before buying one. 


Jointers are machines that are used to plane wood. They are useful for quickly trimming down boards and posts that may be slightly too wide or thick. 

Unlike a planer tool that you use over the top of a wooden surface, a jointer involves feeding the wood on top of the blade. This allows for much quicker planing. Read this guide to select the best benchtop jointer

Electric drill

Nowadays, very few people use manual drills as electric drills are so much more convenient in every way. 

Pillar drills are a form of electric drill that is stationary. You place the piece of wood under the drill and then lower the drill bit to create the hole you need. This can be useful for quickly and safely drilling multiple holes.

Electric hand drills are more popular because of their versatility. Using a cordless handheld drill, you can take your drill anywhere. Hand drills are most commonly used to create holes, but you can also use them to quickly put screws in rather than having to use a screwdriver. Some drills come with a variety of different drill bits and extensions for use on a variety of materials beyond wood.

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