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DIY Faux Topiary

This time of year we are all eagerly awaiting the time to get our seeds in the ground, sow our seedlings, and do all things greenhouse & garden. If you are like me, late winter/early spring ambition sometimes can get the best of you, and I overshoot and over do it. If you really consider the amount of care needed for every seed, seedling, & plant the amount of responsibility and care can quickly add up to a good chunk of work each day.

Take some of those moments of TLC off your plate with some faux stems & plants. If you haven’t shopped around Faux Stems, Plants, and Topiaries can be hard to find quality ones that you feel fit the look, I mean we don’t want early 90’s blue paper leaves and overly dramatic colors, those stand out to even the unassuming eye, and are not cozy to me. 

On top of the look, finding decent looking ones can get quite pricey. Well, today let me show you how you can make a very approachable, affordable, & very cute DIY Faux Topiary. Let’s get into the Supplies, Tools, and Step by Step process we took to make this DIY Faux Topiary.


2x Moss Balls

1 Stick

1 Bag of Reindeer Moss

1 Solo Cup

1 (Solo Cup Worth) Plaster of Paris

1 Large Glue Stick

1 Terracotta Pot

Glue Gun


Step by Step

Create the Drop-In

We are going to create a Drop-In or plaster base for this DIY to allow for the topiary to be placed into a pot or planter. Start with preparing your Plaster of Paris. The size of the Plaster of Paris base is completely up to the creator. We built it to rest easily inside one of our smaller terracotta gray pots which happened to be nearly a full red solo cup.

Following the instructions and ratio, mix together the Plaster of Paris and place the stick in the center of the base. There are options to add weights into the cup to help create a heavier base, a great option for taller projects or plants intended to be used in the outdoors. Following the instructions, allow the drop-in to fully cure, it says 20 minutes, we left it for 40 minutes to an hour.

Pot or Planter

We picked the planter prior to making the drop-in. A drop-in can be smaller than the planter or a perfect fit, completely up to the creator. For this project we wanted the drop-in to fit perfectly into the terracotta pot, with an overgrown moss look coming across the top.

Custom Fit

We have a bunch of these terracotta pots, so we felt okay hot gluing the drop-in in place for this project. We ran a few beads of hot glue around the inside edge of the terracotta pot, and placed the drop-in into the pot. We set it on the table to ensure it stood straight up and down before the hot glue cured.

Next, using the Reindeer Moss, we moss over the top and any exposed areas of the drop in. If you want a lighter looking moss section, I would recommend painting the top of the drop-in black, just in case the moss shifts around or you can see through it. Laying beads of hot glue over most of the top with excess moss is my favorite technique. Follow back behind with shears or scissors to trim the moss to shape.

Place the Moss Balls

Decide how high you’d like the topiary to be and trim the stick to height. Poking holes through the moss balls with the cut off from the cut to height scrap. Place the Moss Balls in place, and use the hot glue gun to glue little stoppers around the base of the moss ball to keep the balls from moving.

What I love about DIY Faux Topiaries is the ability to customize the size. I love creating vignettes with topiaries on different levels, typically achieved stacked books or different decor to change the height. When you create your own you can adjust the height naturally to help move the eye across different spaces. We also DIY’d a different type of topiary with a more leafy greenery, a perfect example on how you can completely customize it. We have done in the past, faux lavender, rosemary, even lemon.

The project in a whole takes about an hour, and it is truly a fun little project to bring in greenery into your home. Topiaries are great ways to add texture, tie spaces together by utilizing their height and visual weight.

I hope you enjoy this simple and easy DIY and are as excited to bring in spring decor and projects like this as much as I am. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Stay Cozy.