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The Best Floral Wallpaper Designs – 2023

I am fully wallpaper obsessed. Over the years, I have ordered countless samples for my home and other projects we’ve worked on.

Today, I’m here to share the best floral wallpaper designs with you! I will also answer the most common questions about wallpaper at the bottom of this post.

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I am combining peel and stick and traditional wallpaper into my list, so please keep that in mind if you are leaning toward one option more than the other.

Is Peel and Stick More Expensive?

Traditional wallpaper seems to be less expensive, while many people think peel and stick is less intimidating to install (saving money on installation).

Wallpaper installation for a small wall to a large room is typically between $500 to $2,000 (in my experiences).

Wallpaper I’ve Used in My Home:

Below, I’m sharing some photos of floral wallpaper that I’ve used in my homes. These designs are also included in my list, but I wanted you to see what they look like in different rooms.

Wallpaper: Green Blackthorn
Room Tour: How We Built a Hidden Room

Wallpaper: Vintage Floral
Room Tour: Nova’s Retro Floral Bedroom

Wallpaper: Sonoma White
Room Tour: Elsie’s Office

Wallpaper: Arbutus
Room Tour: Entryway and Wallpapered Ceiling

My Favorite Floral Wallpaper Designs:


Wildwood Wallpaper

This traditional floral wallpaper has a pretty wildflower design inspired by antique botanical drawings. It’s screen printed with metallic gold ink details (so pretty!) and available in 5 colors.

A reviewer said “This wallpaper is HIGH QUALITY. It’s nice and thick, and the colors and patterns are gorgeous.”


Vintage Floral Wallpaper

This dreamy floral wallpaper was in my daughters bedroom in our previous home. We used the eco-friendly prepasted removable option and it was so easy to work with. This design also has matching linens.


Rose Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a muted floral design, this smoke grey rose wallpaper is a gorgeous option. This traditional wallpaper design was inspired by the romance and grandeur of London, and it’s available in 3 colors (including pink!).


Blackthorn Wallpaper

I chose this green floral wallpaper for the room that leads into our hidden library. I love the pattern—it truly is a statement piece. This wallpaper is also available in a brighter color scheme.

A reviewer said “A stunning design and the pattern match up is seamless!

Chasing Paper

Botany Wallpaper

Botany is an artist-designed wallpaper with a modern take on florals. Installation is a breeze, and all versions of this wallpaper (peel and stick, traditional, and faux grasscloth) are non-toxic and made in the USA. It’s available in 3 colors.


Alpine Botanical Wallpaper

This best-selling wallpaper has delicate, vintage-inspired floral design with a paste-free application (and easy removal). It would be so cute in a nursery or kids room.

A reviewer said “I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper. It was easy to put on and our room came out beautiful.”


Orange Leaves Wallpaper

I have found so many amazing wallpaper designs on Etsy. This peel and stick wallpaper reminds me of my stamped kitchen wall from years ago. I love it! And, this design has over 4,000 positive reviews.

A reviewer said “It looks like it was painted on my wall—so gorgeous!”

Rifle Paper Co.

Bramble Garden Wallpaper

This Rifle Paper Co. peel and stick wallpaper has a cheery floral pattern with sage and metallic accents. Available in 5 colors, it can be easily removed— making it perfect for renters.


Tulip Wallpaper

I think this tulip wallpaper would be perfect for an accent wall or bathroom. It’s made from smooth, non-woven paper and has a semi-gloss finish. If you prefer more color in your space, it’s also available in blue.

A reviewer said “I wanted something whimsical and classic for our 1928 historic home. It adds the perfect touch to our powder bath.”


Hollyhocks Wallpaper

I love how bold and colorful this floral wallpaper is. It would make a stunning backdrop for any space. It truly looks like a painting!

A reviewer said “I decided to invest in something bold and vibrant, and it was worth it. The paper is beautiful.”

Lulu & Georgia

Arubutus Wallpaper

I wallpapered my entryway ceiling with this pattern from Lulu & Georgia. Originally designed in 1884, this wallpaper was designed for a daughter’s workroom in London. It’s three dimensional character and intricate layers are really amazing—especially in person.

Hygge & West

Sonoma Wallpaper

Here is my office wallpaper. I loved this floral design so much that I used it on the walls and the ceiling. It feels very warm and nostalgic. This pre-pasted wallpaper is available in 4 colors.


Hydrangea Wallpaper

I am obsessed with hydrangeas, so this wallpaper is a big “yes” for me. I’m partial to the jade green, but this design is available in 7 colors (with gold foil) making it versatile for any space.

A reviewer said “It’s beautiful! The gold foil looks even better in person. A great little detail that upgrades a room.”

Hygge & West

Alpine Garden Wallpaper

Alpine garden is a traditional wallpaper inspired by the beauty of springtime flowers. The design is collaboration with one of my favorite brands, Schoolhouse. This wallpaper is also available in a darker color.

A reviewer said “The paper is even more beautiful in person. It completely transformed my plain powder room.”


Lollipop Floral Wallpaper

I love this budget-friendly wallpaper from the Opalhouse line at Target. It’s a DIY- friendly peel and stick wallpaper, and its steam and moisture resistant— making it perfect for a bathroom.

A reviewer said “I’ve used several different brands of peel and stick wallpaper and this was by far the easiest to work with.”


Tapestry Wallpaper

Tapestry is a delicate, detailed blend of flowers, bud, and leaves. It’s screen printed with metallic gold details, giving it a pretty glow. I am obsessed with these colors, but it’s also available in 4 darker shades.

A reviewer said “Absolutely stunning. It’s hard to find small print wallpaper and this is everything!”

Wildwood / Vintage Floral / Rose / Blackthorn / Alpine Botanical / Botany / Hollyhocks / Tulip / Arubutus / Sonoma / Orange Leaves / Bramble Garden / Alpine Garden / Lollipop Floral / Hydrangea / Tapestry


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable place to buy wallpaper?

One way to save money is to look at places where you know you can use coupons, like Anthropologie (I love a 20% off code!). Etsy and Target are also great budget-friendly options.

Should I install wallpaper by myself?

For me personally, I am not comfortable installing myself (I’m not a perfectionist in that way), so I would prefer to save up for professional install. Both peel and stick and traditional wallpaper can be installed yourself, but you’ll need to watch some YouTube videos and be very patient.

What kind of wallpaper alternatives do you recommend?

If you are on a very tight budget, I recommend doing one of our statement wall DIYs (some cost under $10 for supplies!). You can achieve nearly any wallpaper look if you’re willing to do the hours of labor yourself.

I’m a renter—how do I know if the wallpaper will come off without damaging my walls?

I’ve had my walls damaged by BOTH peel and stick and traditional wallpaper. I’ve also had ones from both categories that came off perfectly and easily.
My advice is to buy a sample and stick it on your wall, then remove to test for damage.

Can you put wallpaper in a bathroom?

I have before and I would answer yes for a powder room or a low-traffic bathroom. For a bathroom with daily steamy showers, I would avoid wallpaper unless it’s moisture-resistant.

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