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Top 10 Products Of The Week – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle Finds

Let’s start a new series here to help answer a lot of faq’s about items that I’ve shared & also to show you what others are currently loving that’s shared here on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week I’ll round up the top favorite items I shared the previous week according to you. Here are this weeks:

lightweight cardigan – Love this cardigan for every single season! It was a splurge for me, but I know I will wear it so much that it was worth it for my wardrobe & cozy lifestyle.

Horse head statue- When a piece from my QVC line makes the top 10 of the week it makes my heart so happy because I love the items so much & I’m glad you guys do too! This horse head is a favorite piece based off of one of my antique finds & now you can have it in your home too.

Cozy white chair – I love cozy cottage furniture finds & finding pieces for you to put in your home. This chair is a good find at a great price!

Swan holder – I spotted this swan at Target last week & had to share immediately because it looks so much like the brass antique finds I spot while at flea markets & more & one of my favorite things to do is share finds that look like my favorite antiques so you can get the look.

Clay lights- These have been a favorite of mine since I brought them into our house & ever since they have been a favorite of yours too. So glad they popped up this week as a favorite of yours again! This is the one of the best cozy cottage handmade lighting source [HERE].

Block print tablecloth – I made curtains out of these tablecloths & ever since they have been a top favorite of yours too & this week they made the top 10! They are great for tablecloths, but also curtains. 

Blown glass vase – I have a few of these & they are so worth it. A classic piece you can make a focal point on any table, shelf, or counter. A timeless vase you will have and use forever.

Antique inspired vase– I can’t believe two items from my QVC line made the top 10 this week.. I am honored! This vase was one I shared because so many of you have been joining me on this floral journey this year & this vase is so good for that! Another classic that will always be in style.

Faux tree – When I found this faux tree I was actually impressed! It’s hard to impress me with faux plants, but especially faux trees. I just feel like they are harder to fool everyone at such a large scale, but I have high hopes for this one.

Roman Shades- I have these shades in our house & it truly is a favorite item so I was happy to see them this week in the top 10. They are handmade & very impressive while providing that simple cozy cottage vibe I love so much.

Bonus Item: Rabbit statues- These have been a favorite for years & I am so happy that they brought them back! I shared them towards the end of the week so they made it to the 11th spot. They are a forever favorite so I had to share them here this week.