Art Decor

Vintage Inspired Early Spring Inspiration

This week I wanted to share some simple spring inspiration so I went to our back living room & put together a simple spring coffee table setting & shared a video of that [HERE] on Instagram. I used a few of the items that I designed for my QVC line like the horse head statue & the dough bowl that are both based on some of my favorite antiques that I love…

I love the art of decorating coffee tables… it’s truly a creative outlet that I could do all day. I like trying new items, thinking of new functions the coffee table can serve, & also just making it all as cozy as I can. This little setup is sweet, simple, & makes me so happy to see some of my favorite items displayed. For the centerpiece I filled a dough bowl with potpourri & candles, set out an antique book used as art with botanical prints, & then put my diy floral centerpiece & horse head from my QVC line on the table. You can see the videos to make all of this & more [HERE] on my instagram.

I love using extra large lumbar pillows on a sofa or a bed to simplify the pillow situation in my spaces. It’s a great way to add a big cozy focal point with very little clutter. You can see all of these above & more [HERE]. 

Cozy is only cozy when its something you enjoy and can manage. No need to put deadlines or have a weekend of just decorating your spaces. Your an slowly transition from space to space. We have already started with our favorite greenery throughs our home and this faux floral with potpourri and some vintage inspired elements really warm this space up just a little, just like spring does. I hope you enjoyed this post, we have many more simple and even some over the top projects coming your way to help you get your home the perfect form of cozy for you. If you want to keep up with more inspiration daily, check out Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. Thank you again for stopping by & stay cozy!