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Outstanding Bathroom Ideas With Our Pieces in Stock

February 27, 2023

Outstanding Bathroom Ideas: luxurious bathrooms are intended to create a high-end, spa-like experience that is both relaxing and visually pleasing. High-quality materials, top-of-the-line fixtures, and sophisticated design features create an ambience of leisure and indulgence in these bathrooms.

Ultimately, opulent bathrooms are intended to provide a haven of relaxation, pleasure, and comfort. Every aspect, from the high-end fixtures to the exquisite lighting and excellent materials, is meticulously selected to provide a genuinely remarkable experience.

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Ideas With Our Pieces in Stock.

By having pieces in stock, we are able to provide you with the opportunity to have outstanding furniture pieces without waiting for production time or any other delay. Just choose your luxurious pieces and start building your stunning projects!

In this article, our blog will show you four stunning bathroom ideas that we have in stock!

A Bathroom with Newton Pieces

In the previous project, you were able to see 3 Newton Pieces! Let´s get a look!

Newton is a ground-breaking statement designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking the best in contemporary furniture design combined with beautiful features and high-quality materials.

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About Newton Pieces

The Newton Collection defies the rules of physics and evolved from the ancient practice of casting metal, in which metal is heated until melted and formed into spheres and semi-spheres. Each element is linked one by one to create an exceptional pattern and organic structure, which is completed in a striking black lacquer with gold-plated accents.

Vanity Cabinet

The top of this vanity cabinet is made up of brass circles carved with a golden texture that seems like organic wood.

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If there’s one room that deserves a little extra luxury, it’s the bathroom. Now available with a short lead time.

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Towel Rack

Pedestal Sink

About the Belize Mirror

Belize is home to one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs. Its extraordinary beauty inspired the development of the Belize Mirror, which is constructed of silver leaf with tones of translucent black and red. The polished brass embellishments, however, are what set this round mirror apart.

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A Bathroom with Darian Pieces

About Darian Pieces

With this exquisite bathroom décor in neutral tones, any suite will appear calm. The Darian Collection, Darian Bathtub, and Darian Pedestal Sink in this room provide elegance to any bathroom. This design is enhanced by the addition of the Colosseum Mirror and Babel Suspension Light. A fantastic setting that will inspire you to design the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

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A tailored “me time” is a way of self care. Our misson is to bring it to life.

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The Bathtub

Pedestal Sink

About the Colosseum Mirror

Because of its gigantic size and concentric design, is a rounded oblong mirror inspired by the most recognizable buildings from Ancient Rome. It has a polished brass frame that is highlighted with an LED strip that wraps around the entire body.

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