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Favorite Things Friday : Tips for Fresh Florals, Custom Paint Colors, Spring Decor Inspiration & 20 top products from the last two weeks!

Okay a lot has been going on around the farm, at the store, and just life in general. We are slowly bringing back some of our favorite elements around Liz Marie Blog, and Favorite Things Friday is back (again). What’s favorite things Friday you ask, its a collection of that week’s or past two week’s blog posts captured in one spot, spot lighting some of our content, adding to it, and sharing all the cozy little things I am loving right now! So without further ado, let’s get into this lovely weekly round up.

Spring Finds from Pink Antlers

Spring is going to be the big theme over the next few weeks… I mean its that time of season, and I feel like the more I share the sooner it’ll come right? We all probably have come across some easter baskets and other early spring decor at the big box stores. Check out this small shop, that I have always loved adding in for the more whimsical celebrations like we have during easter. If you have littles, I think you’ll love a few items to add to their Easter basket this year.

5 Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Happy

With Spring knocking on the door, or even welcoming themselves in for some of my souther readers, fresh florals may be a common house guest. Let me share my five favorite Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Happy! (Click Here)

Custom Paint Colors

We started a very new series on social media and the blog, where we take our love and appreciating for our vintage and antique pieces a step further, by capturing their colors and providing custom color codes. By popular demand we started with the two very most commonly asked colors, our vintage cabinet in our laundry room and our Mora clock. We not only try to provide custom color codes to get the exact same color mixture, but very similar established colors from all of popular paint brands. Click Here to find the color code for the vintage cabinet in the laundry room, & click here to see the custom code for the Mora clock. We added again to the series this week by color matching a cute little green apothecary cabinet you can see it here (link).

Weekly Scroll Stoppers

Scroll stoppers are my way of capturing all my inspiration these days or items that just completely shocked me (in a good way) that I couldn’t help but share with other lovers of cozy! All images and content capture from other accounts on Instagram. Check out these Cozy Floral Patterns I am just in love with & I think you will love too! (Link). Since we are covering two weeks worth of blogs, the second weekly scroll stopper we shared found 7 Cozy Flat Lay’s that stopped us in our scroll and inspired us. Read more about it here (link).

Laundry Room Refresh

We made some subtle changes in our laundry room. We have been craving a little more vintage and antique in the space, and we removed the upper and lower cabinets, to be used in another space. Love that we relocated our vintage sconces over our new washer and dryer. Let me know what you think and read more (here) on the blog!

Pottery Barn Springs Finds

We are all excited for Spring, if not, I don’t know what that’s like (haha). I have curated a cozy little list of my favorite Pottery Barn Spring Finds to help whisk away those winter blues. Check out what I am loving here (link).

Top 10 Current Favorite x2

Through DM, comments, social media posts, and blog posts, we share links weekly of products we are using, getting, loving, and everything in-between. Here are the Top 1o Current Favorites this week (link) and last week (link).

35+ Cozy Cottage Floor Cushions, Bedrooms, & Dog Beds

And for the coziest post of the week… 35+ Cozy Cottage Floor Cushions, Bedrolls, & Dog Beds. We love having floor cushions and bedrolls tucked in drawers, stacked on cabinets, sometimes just part of the everyday design. They provide additional setting for larger gathering, a great lounging spot for weekend movie nights, and just somewhere different to sit. Read more about it here in last weeks post, 35+ Cozy Cottage Floor Cushions, Bedrolls, & Dog Beds. 

It is Friday! So as you head into the week I hope you find some form of inspiration for the blog post this week. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. This coming week we are stepping way from the farm to take a quick birthday trip to Disney! Stay tuned for all the fun! Thank you again & stay cozy!