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35+ Cozy Cottage Floor Cushions, Bedrolls, & Dog Beds

This might seem like the most random gathering of items… & it is. Well, it is & isn’t. This all started because I got an antique ticking mattress [antique bedroll]  that came in the mail & I shared it on Instagram & when I get an antique item I usually love to share new items similar to the old one I found so those that want something similar can get the look. When the dogs laid on the ticking mattress I got I then wanted to find dog beds that are similar so I found ticking dog beds & more & then that escalated to finding floor cushions. So here we are. Bedrolls, Floor cushions, & dog beds. You can use all of these as floor cushions, you can turn them all into dog beds, the bedrolls make great sofa covers, & so much more. I love the idea of all of these having different purposes & using them different ways. You can check them all out below by clicking the images. I’ll add to this list as I find more!!