From Bland to Beautiful: How to Create Your Dream Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Bathroom remodeling is very popular, but it’s not always easy to execute the perfect renovation. If you dream of a stunning sanctuary to retreat to after a busy day or a long week, here are some tips to help you take your bathroom from bland to beautiful. 

Get ideas and inspiration

Before you start contacting remodeling companies or figuring out your finances, it’s a great idea to think about what you want to achieve. Look for ideas in interior design magazines, watch TV makeover shows, scroll through social media and take inspiration from design trends and places you’ve visited. Perhaps you loved a bathroom in a luxury hotel you’ve stayed at or you fell in love with the quirky decor at a trendy cocktail bar or restaurant you’ve visited, for example. Start gathering ideas, taking screenshots, cutting out images and putting a mood board together. Consider colorways, trends and themes and details. 

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Outline practical requirements

Bathrooms can be beautiful spaces, but they also need to be functional. During the planning process, it’s beneficial to think about your practical requirements. Designing functional rooms means considering the layout, the amount of usable space, storage, the types of materials and the fittings and furniture. If you have children, for example, you may want to choose non-slip materials that are easy to clean and maintain and robust furniture that offers hidden storage. If you have a disability, or your mobility is restricted, you may want to convert a bath into a shower or explore accessible tubs. 

Research bathroom remodeling companies

Finding the best bathroom remodeling company is a surefire way to reduce the risk of delays and setbacks, achieve spectacular results and protect your money. Search for reputable, trustworthy, reliable businesses, which have a proven track record like New Bath Technologies. View galleries and examples of previous work, find out more about the team and check that the company has the relevant guarantees and insurance. Ask friends, neighbors and colleagues for recommendations, read reviews and use local social media groups. It’s often reassuring to choose a company that others have used in the past. 

Add finishing touches

Adding finishing touches to your bathroom is a great way to customize and personalize the room and elevate the design. You can use statement walls, furniture and features, pops of color and accessories and accents to set your bathroom apart. From vintage mirrors and vanity units to printed wallpaper and achingly cool contemporary lighting, celebrate and show off your style and creative flair. If you’re on a budget, it’s an excellent idea to visit salvage yards, antique stores and thrift shops and to use search engines to find items you love at lower prices. If you spot products in glossy magazines, for example, you can often find copies at a fraction of the price.

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There’s nothing like a stunning bathroom to make you feel calm and relaxed. If your bathroom is more bland than beautiful, you may be thinking about planning a makeover. If you’re keen to create your dream bathroom, get ideas and inspiration, consider practical requirements and think about what you want to achieve. Research local remodeling companies, ask for recommendations and don’t forget to add the finishing touches.