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Top 10 Current Favorites – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle

Let’s start a new series here to help answer a lot of faq’s about items that I’ve shared & also to show you what others are currently loving that’s shared here on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week I’ll round up the top favorite items I shared the previous week according to you. Here are this weeks:

Jeans: I love these! Cozy jeans are hard to find & these are roomy & perfect for daily wear. Glad I took a chance on these jeans while browsing target!

Cabinet: This cabinet is the one I bought two of & stacked in our bathroom [HERE]. So many of you loved that diy & check out the cabinets we used [HERE]. It comes in two finishes wood & gray.

Swimsuit: This swimsuit was a huge sale find. I am so happy with the fit & coverage of the top & bottom I chose as you can mix & match them.

Lipgloss: I spotted this lipgloss on a TikTok when the girl sharing said super natural is the BEST color for everyone. I grabbed one on my recent target trip & she was not wrong! It’s a new staple that I will repurchase when needed to keep it in my makeup bag.

Face Lotion: I have been SO DRY this winter. My face has struggled the most. The problem is that my skin is sensitive so I needed something that was good for sensitive skin, but hard working at the same time. Found it! & this lotion it’s 25% off right now. This eye cream has been a favorite too!

Hamper: This hamper is good for so many things! Laundry, blanket storage, toy storage, & so much more. It’s no shock that it’s always in the top of your favorites.

Rug: We revealed the laundry room last week so a lot of people spotted my cozy cottage rug that I designed for qvc. I love this rug so much & truly want one in every room I can.

Bunny Mug: Isn’t this the cutest mug? I try to avoid more mugs at all cost, but this one needed to come home to white cottage farm. How cute would this be as a planter?

Plant markers: I think everyone is ready for spring so these plant markers are already a favorite, but on top of that, they are adorable! Glad you love them too!

Wall sconces: These sconces were also part of our laundry room reveal as options for our lights that are no longer made. These are such a great alternative!

Bonus item: the Stanley cup is always a favorite & they launched new colors this week. which is fun!