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25+ Round Coffee Tables You’ll Love For Your Home

When shopping for a round coffee table, the possibilities are almost endless with options in wood, glass, marble, hidden storage areas, and unique details to fit any home style.

We’ve got options for each category, and a few key questions you should ask to help choose the perfect round coffee table for your home!

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When should you use a round coffee table instead of a rectangle or square?

round coffee table fits best with a sectional sofa design, or when you are trying to keep your floor plan as open as possible.

A round coffee table gives you plenty of space for food and drink, is accessible from any protruding sections off the main sofa area, and you won’t hit your knees on it in the corners.

Also, if you have kids running around, round coffee tables can be a bonus as there are no sharp corners to worry about for smaller kids.

If you have a corner or an L-shaped sectional sofa with right angles in the corners, a rectangle or square coffee table may work best. Or, you may choose these shapes if you want the maximum amount of table space near a sofa for games/food/drink.

Just make sure you have enough room for walkways and knees when sitting as you plan out the table size.

Are round coffee tables best for small spaces?

Generally, yes! The roundness of the table usually means you have more room to walk around it, although there may be some layouts where a longer thin coffee table would work best if your space isn’t deep enough to even fit a round coffee table.

What’s the best size for a round coffee table?

As a general rule, you want your coffee table width to be about 2/3 the length of your sofa. Round coffee tables can go up to larger sizes of about 48″ but a width closer to 30″ is more of a standard size.

For normal coffee table use, choose one that is about the height of your seating (or an inch or two lower), but if you plan on more formal tea and coffee service you can do something 3-6″ taller than your seating for easier food access.

Round Wood Coffee Tables

Whether you like a more natural or rustic look, round wooden coffee tables are a staple for a reason. Choose a wood tone that matches or compliments your existing wood decor and your new coffee table will fit right in.

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Round Coffee Tables with Storage

Choosing a round coffee table with storage options is great for small spaces to give you more organization options or for items that you want to keep near your couch, but maybe not need out all the time (like extra blankets or remotes).

You can choose hidden storage where you don’t see any of the items or you can do one with a shelf on the bottom and use some cute storage baskets to keep handy items nearby.

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Round Glass Coffee Tables

Choosing a glass top coffee table can be a great choice if you want a top that’s easy to clean (don’t have to worry about cup rings or kids coloring on the tabletop) and the glass looks lighter in a space since the top is see-through.

Round Marble Coffee Tables

If you want something with a little more luxury, a marble-topped round coffee table is a classic way to go. Whether you splurge for the real thing or get a deceptively good faux marble option, a marble coffee table looks good in just about any setting.

Just keep in mind that real marble can need a bit more TLC (some recommend you seal the marble every so often) and may not be as kid-friendly when it comes to scrubbing off crayons, etc. So, keep those things in mind when choosing real marble.

Unique Round Coffee Tables

Just because round coffee tables are one of the more popular choices, that doesn’t mean they need to be boring!

There are plenty of unique choices that will serve the function of a round table while still giving you a bit more of a fun twist to make your coffee table the star of the show.

Rattan Coffee Table / Lava Stone Coffee Table / Marble Pedestal Coffee Table / Starburst Wood Coffee Table / White Mushroom Coffee Table / Wood Coffee Table / Glass Rattan Coffee Table / Black Storage Coffee Table / Gold Coffee Table / Wood Pedestal Coffee Table / Faux Marble Coffee Table / Gold Starburst Coffee Table / Marble Wood Coffee Table / Rustic Coffee Table / Round Storage Coffee Table

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