Dressing Table Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

Maximizing Space with Stylish Dressing Table Solutions for Small Bedrooms

You may find many creative bedroom furniture and accent ideas if you research, but don’t forget to include a dressing table. Dressing tables used to be considered luxury furniture items that only members of the upper class could own.

They were frequently large, hefty pieces of furniture, and some of them combined additional elements like reading desks. They could, therefore, only fit in large bedrooms. But dressing tables quickly took over the bedroom after the 19th century.

Today, many people are eager to arrange their skincare and beauty goods carefully. Therefore, they have made a comeback. A dressing table is a piece of furniture used for applying makeup, styling hair, and other preparations. Vanity mirrors, drawers, and other places to store cosmetics are common features of dressing tables, along with a comfortable stool or chair.

Having a dressing table also makes getting ready in the morning easier because you can put on your cosmetics without standing in front of the bathroom mirror. However, the availability and demystification of dressing tables brought a new problem: dressing table ideas for your small bedroom and picking the appropriate one.

A dressing table is a necessary component of each individual’s bedroom. Consider it a decorative addition to your bedroom, enabling you to express your inner celebrity or aristocrat. At the dressing table, every woman has the opportunity to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle once said, “completes what nature left unfinished,” according to Sophia Loren. Avoid big dressing tables in homes with limited space, and instead, try to make the most of niches or corners to create and decorate your vanity area.

Top 15 dressing table ideas for your small bedroom

Dressing table ideas for your small bedroom
Dressing table ideas for your small bedroom

A dressing table is an excellent choice for more style and functionality in your bedroom. A dressing table will liven up your daily routine if getting ready in the morning is boring. The various dressing table designs and styles will also provide more contemporary elegance to your room. A smaller bedroom should not be an excuse to remove the dressing table. Various builds are both functional and fashionable. There are a lot of amazing bedroom vanity table and chair ideas that can make your bedroom look unique and special, but here are some dressing table ideas that will help you maximize your available space in small bedrooms.

Go for a wall-mounted dressing table

Choosing a wall-mounted dressing table is one of the finest ways to maximize space in a small bedroom. There is more room for other furniture because these tables are fixed to the wall and can be folded away when unused. They also come in various styles, from sleek and contemporary to more ornate and traditional.

Choose a corner dressing table

A corner dressing table is yet another brilliant option for tiny bedrooms. These tables are made to be small enough to tuck into a corner of a room. They frequently take up less space than conventional dressing tables, which makes them an excellent way to maximize a small bedroom.

White dressing table with a minimalist design

Small bedrooms benefit greatly from minimalism because the simplicity and uncluttered surfaces can give the impression of more space than there is. There are many options out there if you are looking for minimalist comfort. When it comes to dressing tables, just try a simple white piece if you need a dressing table’s functionality but don’t want to clutter up your space. This style is tidy and attractive while still providing the features you need. Additionally, white furniture makes smaller rooms appear lighter and more open.

Dressing table ideas
Dressing table ideas for your small bedroom

An addition to your wardrobe

Consider the following when looking for dressing table ideas for your small bedroom. Even without a dressing table, all your grooming and daily necessities will require storage space, primarily in your closet. When planning the closet, you can leave just enough room for a tiny dressing table with a mirror, drawers, and a stool. You don’t have to look around for unused space in corners to get what you need.

Consider a dressing table with multiple uses

Small bedrooms are ideal for multipurpose dressing tables because they may serve several functions. For example, you can use it as a dressing table during the day and then transform it into a desk or workspace in the evening. This kind of table frequently contains storage bins and drawers, which makes it a useful and room-saving solution.

Find a compact dressing table

Consider a compact dressing table if you’re looking for a more traditional dressing table but don’t have much space. These tables are smaller than traditional dressing tables but still have all the needed features, such as a mirror, drawers, and storage compartments. They work well in small bedrooms and are simple to work into your decor.

Go for a dressing table with hidden storage

A dressing table with hidden storage is an excellent option for compact bedrooms because it allows you to store your grooming and beauty necessities out of sight. Look for a table with closing drawers or compartments or a lift-up top revealing secret storage beneath.

Use a combination of a dresser and a mirror

Consider the following dressing table ideas for your small bedroom—using a dresser and a mirror together is another option that saves space. By doing this, you can make the most of your storage space and designate a specific place for getting dressed in the morning. You can add more storage for your items for beauty and grooming if you put a dresser behind the mirror.

Hang a shelf and a mirror

Hanging a mirror and a shelf over your dresser is a fantastic alternative for small bedrooms. As there is no longer a need for a separate dressing table, this might be a terrific way to save space. Additionally, you can use the mirror and shelf for other things like holding books or showcasing accessories.

The dressing table with a flip top

If space is truly an issue, consider a flip-top dressing table. This dressing table has a fold-down vanity mirror that makes for a flat surface. You can keep it small and tuck it away when you’re not using it, but you still have storage room for cosmetics and other morning necessities. If you really need to make the most of your space, you could use this furniture piece as a bedside table.

LED-lit dressing table

Choose a dressing table with LED lighting if practicality is your top concern. If you spend a lot of time doing makeup or don’t have natural light in your bedroom, having set lights around the mirror is crucial. The lightbulb arrangement also has a classic and glamorous appearance.

The dressing table from the mid-century

This concept for a bedroom dressing table combines classy and vintage features. Warm wood tones, crisp geometric lines, and organic curves define mid-century contemporary furniture. Combining this style aesthetic with your dressing table gives 1950s design ideas a fresh update.

Sophisticated black dressing table

Choose an all-black dressing table to enhance your bedroom’s modern and sleek vibe. Furniture that is entirely one color, black, is by nature elegant and slick. It can also give your bedroom depth by striking contrast with the lighter or whiter items in your room.

Go for a ladder dressing table

Another excellent dressing table design for small bedrooms is a ladder dressing table. This vanity is shaped like a vertical ladder and uses wall rather than floor space. You are making the most of your small area and giving your bedroom a distinctive look and focus point. You can buy a ladder shelf desk and add your mirror and makeup storage if you can’t find a ladder design intended for vanity use.

Include a stool or bench

To provide a place to sit while getting dressed, a seat or stool is a terrific addition to a compact dressing table. Additionally, you can use it as extra storage space. To keep your supplies for beauty and grooming out of sight, look for a bench or stool with a lift-up cover or drawers.

When choosing furniture for a small apartment, don’t forget to consider the space and style. The most crucial step is to take accurate measurements before purchasing the appropriate furniture, as this will help you prevent issues later on, such as choosing one that is either too small or too large. 


There are many dressing table ideas for your small bedroom, and when choosing the one for yourself, you don’t have to give up on either design or usability. You can get a lovely and useful dressing table that fits your compact bedroom with a bit of creativity and smart research.

You can be sure that you’ll enjoy your new dressing table and how it improves your bedroom, regardless of whether you select a wall-mounted option, a corner dressing table, a multi-functional option, a vanity stool, a portable option, or get creative with storage.