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Home Gym Progress — Window Shades & Foam Flooring (And My Rookie Flooring Mistake)

Our home gym is coming together, and I have to tell you, I’m loving it! Maybe I’ll actually enjoy exercising once I get the room finished! Or maybe that’s asking way too much of a room. 😀 But I’ll at least enjoy being in the room.

Yesterday, I got about half of the foam flooring installed. I’m using these Forest Floor interlocking foam tiles in the color Carbon.

My WaterRower probably won’t stay in that spot permanently, but I put it there because it helps to make sense of my I chose a black floor and rustic walnut window shades. As you can see, those are the colors of my WaterRower, so I’m trying to stick with those two colors for everything that is brought into the room. That’s not too difficult to do since most exercise equipment comes in black.

I absolutely love these shades, and I’ve used them since we lived in the condo. I used to buy these shades at Home Depot. They carried them in stock, and it was so convenient to be able to run to the store, grab a shade, have them cut it for me, and install the shade all on the same day.

Then they stopped carrying them, and I found a nice replacement at Blindsgalore, but they were much pricier. That’s what I used in the rest of the house, and they’re lined with blackout lining, and have the top down/bottom up function.

I came across these on Amazon when I was doing the bathroom remodel, and was thrilled to find them again! These are just like the Home Depot version, and while the price is higher these days, they’re the same great quality. They’re not lined, but I’m okay with that. And I don’t really use the top down/bottom up feature except in the bedroom, so I was okay with not having that function in the home gym.

The flooring went in very easily, as you can probably imagine. They’re just like big puzzle pieces that fit together.

I did make a terrible rookie mistake, though. What’s the rule when installing flooring (or doing any other project where you’re using multiple packages of a product)? Unpackage all of them and mix them up.

Well, I got ahead of myself and forgot to do that. I just grabbed the top package of six, opened it up, and installed them. Then I opened the next package and did the same. I kept going on like that, and then on about the fifth package, I noticed that the color was slightly different. This package had an oh-so-slight blue undertone. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed had they not been right up against the previous tiles that don’t have that undertone. Can you see it?

These three right here are slightly different…

But I’m not redoing it. This is one of those circumstances where I have to put my perfectionism on the back burner and just press forward. “It’s just a home gym foam floor,” I keep telling myself.

I did decide to tape the tiles together. I probably wouldn’t have bothered if I were the only one who was going to use the home gym. But I just imagined Matt’s wheelchair rolling on these tiles, and possibly separating a little bit as he turned his wheels on this flooring.

So I grabbed some duct tape, and with each new tile, I put a piece of tape right in the corner, with the sticky side facing up…

And then I put two strips of take on each side…

And then I pressed the new tile into place. So the foam floor is still a floating floor. Nothing is attached to the hardwood floor underneath. But the tiles are attached to each other. I’m hoping that this will help them hold up better and stay connected under Matt’s wheels as they turn on this floor.

So things are moving right along! I’m so pleased with the progress, and I’m loving how it’s turning out!