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Laundry Room Refresh

A little refresh happened in our laundry room a little while back, and I am so happy to share with you. We wanted to simplify the look of our laundry portion of this butler pantry/laundry room. The upper and lower cabinets we added to this space a few years ago, worked well and provided storage, but it happened to be unused, and shrunk down the space a little too much. So we are going to repurpose the cabinets in the pool house. Also during our design of our future bedroom (that’s on the other side of the butler pantry) we want to add a passage to the laundry room from the bedroom, not having to travel all the way around half of the house with dirty laundry… also who wouldn’t want a mini-butler pantry right off of their bedroom.  The other side of the laundry room is still down to the studs so it was easy to identify the best way to make that happen. After looking at the true amount of storage we needed in this space, we decided a antique cabinet would look beautiful and fit all of our needs.

If you saw on our stories that we originally ordered a new set of Maytag Washer/Dryer set for the pool area. We will give you an update on our pool house area, but we are looking to create a space that could accommodate some overnight guest, while also meeting the needs that we saw after hosting in our pool area over the past few years. We went with the new Maytag Pet Pro washer and dryer (link). If you didn’t know, the Pet Pro system can remove up to 5x more pet hair, and with a big Great Pyrenees pup-having free range over the entire house, you look for any help to remove the white hair as much as you can. There is a little canister called the Pet filter, in the agitator that traps the pet hair, as well as the oversized lint trap on the dryer.

It is quite alarming how much pet hair is getting caught. After further thought we realized this was going to be a better fit for our laundry room, and our current Maytag Washer and dryer, we’re going to the pool house area. During the refresh, we installed two antique wall sconces center over top the washer and dryer.

I loved this design choice because, the two different lighting options, the overhead lights and wall sconces create a sense of separation. The overhead lights, illuminate the laundry room and the wall sconces illuminate the laundry area of this room. The softer light from the wall sconces seem to have taken the majority of the job in the space, providing such a softer environment. I love the look of these lights with the antique cabinet between.

We shared this refresh and our new Maytag Pet Pro Washer & Dryer in a fun little Instagram Reel (link). There were a lot of questions about our refresh here are some Q&A to help with the common questions:

Where can I get the blanket?

This is the Ticking Stripe Classic Quilt from Redland Cotton. I’m a new customer to Redland Cotton, a family owned company that manufactures everything for the United States. And as I pulled the link to this exact quilt we used in the Instagram Reel we shared, I noticed they are having a 20% off sale for Valentines Day. So if you are thinking of getting one, do it now before the sale ends!

Where is that green furniture piece from?

This two stacked cabinet is another lovely antique find I have added to our home recently. I have been eager to find a space for it, I am so happy it fit and is function for the space.

Would you happen to know the pain color on the green cabinet?

At the moment, I don’t have the color. But I did see this question come up quite a bit. If I can safely and easily remove portion of the cabinet (i.e. door), I will bring it to my local paint store to get color matched with a code to share.

Where did you get the rug in the laundry room?

I am in tears with how authentically people are in love with the rug in this space. I am in tears because I designed it, and its available at my line with QVC (link here).

Where did you get the stair runner from?

This stair runner has been one of my favorite little DIY additions to our home. I purchased it from ETSY! I feel like some people forget about Etsy as a resource. Looking back at the shop it doesn’t appear that this exact one is available, but there are other options and Etsy provides a suggestions tab to other shop with similar runners. (Link)

How do I get everything in this video?

Here is my best shot at sourcing everything in the video

Wall Sconces & Ceiling Light (Source)
Rug (Source)
Laundry Cart (Source)
Washer & Dryer (Source)
Stripped Ticking Quilt (Source)

While we hope this this little refresh update has inspired you in some way. I have always looked for a way to bringing in my love for antiques and feel like this was a great way to change the look for our needs while also meeting our needs. This refresh came at the perfect time as we are building out our pool house area, and the cabinets will be very useful out there for additional storage while presenting a finished space. We are so excited to jump into home projects this year, we have a few underway and we couldn’t be more happier to have a little construction mess around the house. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and I will share more design choices we make for our future bedroom we are currently working on. Looking to keep up with us on the daily, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Thank you again & stay cozy!