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Sherwin Williams Marshmallow – SW 7001

Today, I am sharing my most used paint color with lot of example photos from my home. Sherwin Williams Marshmallow is a bright, warm white.

SW 7001 has become my go-to white paint color anytime I want something bright, clean and simple. I even used this color on my first adventure with painted exterior brick.

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Sherwin Williams Marshmallow – SW 7001

If you are searching for a white paint color that feels slightly warm without being beige, Marshmallow is a great choice. I wanted a color with warm undertones so it would not pull cool.

I also did not want something that appeared yellow. SW 7001 feels bright and light with slight warm undertones. I have used it throughout my entire home—twice! In this post, you will see how versatile it is for a variety of spaces.

SW 7001 Works Well For:

  • Interior walls
  • Ceilings
  • Trim
  • Exterior
  • Rooms with natural light
  • Rooms that connect

SW Marshmallow Feels:

  • Slightly warm
  • Bright and clean
  • Crisp
  • Fresh

Light Reflective Value:

The LRV for Marshmallow (SW 7001) is 82%, which is on the bright end of the off-white spectrum. Though it appears bright white when used in well lit spaces, Marshmallow is a light, warm “greige” white with a hint of beige.

The color appears different in this room with the painted ceiling reflection. I have found Marshmallow to pair well with any color I have used next to it.

Exterior Painted with SW 7001:

Here is the exterior of my previous home painted with SW Marshmallow. In our area, there are many homes with brick painted white, and I began to notice that many homes look too stark when they use untinted white.

It’s important to use a color with undertones that blend with nature for exterior paint.

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