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The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

January 23, 2023

Your bathroom is important and one of the main elements for it is without a doubt a pedestal sink. So, let’s take a look at some of the Most Amazing Pedestal Sinks.

Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

A Carefully Chosen Selection

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

The Symphony Pedestal Sink draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of a violin. This modern freestanding is handmade by experienced craftsmen with different specialties, from metalwork to wood carving. It features a cluster of polished brass tubes that envelopes an exotic wood structure, bringing a lush ambiance to your bathroom set.

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The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

Defying the laws of physics, the Newton Pedestal Sink has been developed from the ancient art of casting metal, where metal is heated until molten into a sphere and semi-sphere shape. One by one, each element is brought together to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure, finished in a dramatic black lacquer and gold-plated accents that results in refined freestanding.

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

Koi is a single-aged brushed brass modern pedestal sink with a strong structure made to last. Since it uses a scale pattern based on the koi carp, this freestanding provides a uniquely dazzling optical illusion of meshwork. It features a countertop sink made of Nero Marquina marble that allows one to truly feel luxury with mere detail.

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

The Diamond Pedestal Sink turns heads wherever it stands. It features a wooden structure finished in a high gloss black varnish, a color that contrasts perfectly with the interior, covered in gold leaf. Besides its irregular shape, this luxurious freestanding has a built-in oval sink glass with a translucent black finishing that will enhance any bathroom design.

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

Lapiaz Pedestal Sink is a square pedestal sink inspired by natural stone cracks. This is the reason it features an incredible fissure handcrafted in polished brass, producing an organic finish. The wooden structure is coated in stainless steel, giving it a reflective luxurious effect. Rich and glamorous, this freestanding will completely change your bathroom set.

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

The glorious shape of a tree stump inspires the Eden Stone Pedestal Sink. This beautiful irregular-shaped modern freestanding is carved from our finest marble selection. When looking for the perfect element to distinguish your bathroom project, this stone freestanding is a unique and striking masterpiece to be admired.

The Top Bathroom Pedestal Sinks For 2023

The Darian Pedestal Sink draws inspiration from Darius, the great Persian king. A modern freestanding conceived with precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, from metalwork to upholstery. It features an amazingly dazzling cluster of asymmetrical gold-plated brass bars enveloping a black leather structure that will allow for great luxury in your bathroom design.

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