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Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual

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Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual
Brass Wall Sconce (+ non-hardwired light trick!) // Windowpane pattern pillow

One of my favorite home therapy ritual is a little activity I call puttering. No matter what my schedule looks like, I make time for puttering because it makes such a difference in how I feel at home!

Do you do this too? (or perhaps you call it something else?)

Puttering is to occupy yourself in an unhurried pleasant manner on a number of small tasks, while not concentrating on anything particular.

Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual
Sources: Striped Chair (mine was the tan color which I don’t see in stock at the moment) / Blue and white rug

I am an “idea” person. My mind is often bursting with ideas faster than I can make them reality! Sometimes, I have so many ideas or things to do that I feel paralyzed by what to do next. Other times, I can tell my creative batteries need a bit of a recharge, but I don’t necessarily have enough time or energy to tackle much.

Regardless of which mode I’m in, it never fails to serve me well when I slow down and putter for a bit. 🙂

Puttering is relaxing, but still feels rewarding and productive! It gives me a chance to reconnect to my home, to think about how I feel in a space, a way to be spontaneously creative with ideas.

Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual
Blue Twisted Candle

The Goal of Puttering:

The goal of puttering is not to complete an ‘extreme home makeover.’ It’s about slowing down and tending to your home, and then feeling that love come back to you!

It’s not really puttering if you make a step by step plan and have too many expectations for how it will go.

The results of your puttering don’t have to be groundbreaking, they don’t even have to be permanent! What matters is that you took some time to be present in your home and show it a little love.

Puttering is about enjoying little things more. Maybe you are inspired to swap pillow covers, or to move a chair to a new location just to see how it feels. You can change what’s on your mantel, declutter a surface, or decide to repot a plant…there are endless puttering possibilities!

Puttering could begin in one room and end up in every room, or it could just be focused on one corner!

Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual
Sources: Brass Bunny Candle Holder on Mantel // Striped Chair (mine was the tan color which I don’t see in stock at the moment) / Blue and white rug

Puttering is like a home therapy session.

Maybe you’re not feeling the love for your home right now, or you just are in a bit of a slump? Perhaps you tend to put off what you could do today because you think maybe another day you’ll have more time or be more inspired? I understand those feelings, that’s why I like puttering!

Puttering is like offering yourself a home therapy session. It’s good for you, and your home. It takes away the expectations and overwhelm of making a decision, but gives you a bit of focused time so you can enjoy caring for your surroundings.

Often I will make myself a hot drink, turn on some tunes, and then just follow my whims to see what inspires and transpires!

Puttering is a morale booster! A quick tidy of a nightstand, a dusting of a tabletop, or even a few handpicked flowers in a vase can bring a small but much needed mood boost.

Sources: Faux Pink Tulips // Similar basket (mine was a thrift find!)

Every day the ordinary can be more beautiful and inspiring if we want it to be. Yes, creating beauty in our home is a choice we can make, even if we don’t feel inspired! I’ve used puttering to get myself out of a slump in my home when I wasn’t feeling it a zillion times over the years!

Give puttering a try and see how you feel.

Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual

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Puttering: My Favorite Home Therapy Ritual

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