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Famous TV Kitchens with Problems.

Our A-Class Kitchen Designers Break-Down Famous TV Kitchens with Problems.

Why are most kitchens so terribly designed?

Why do architects, interior designers, contractors, and even some kitchen designers place so little value on good and even safe kitchen design?  One of the reasons may be that we are bombarded with bad kitchen designs from almost every TV show and movie we watch. Seeing these problem designs thousands of times legitimizes bad kitchen design and makes it more acceptable.

Below are some of the most famous TV kitchens and why they are poorly designed.

What’s wrong with the I love Lucy kitchen seen above?  There is a window over the range with curtains, a fire hazard. Plus, no countertop on either side of the range which is also dangerous.

The Brady Bunch home should have 9 inches of countertop in back of the cooktop to be safe.  Shame on Mike Brady he is an architect!

The Huxtables on The Cosby Show have the same problem. No countertop on the side and back of the cooktop.

With the cooktop burners right next to the phone and the refrigerator it is a good thing Cliff Huxtable is a doctor.


Both Paul and Jamie on Mad About You, and Francis and Claire Underwood on House of Cards have ranges without countertops on either side making them unsafe. Especially right next to a doorway. The Secret Service is overlooking one possible danger to their charge.

Partridge Family dining area

The Partridge Family has no countertop on the right side of their cooktop.

Again, the wall phone is right next to the flames.  If the Partridges catch on fire, they won’t be able to “get happy” as their theme song implores.

Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother have the same problems mentioned above.  And Friends who followed Seinfeld on TV Thursday nights had Monica and Rachel with no hood and wood only a few inches over their powerful professional range.

The low hanging cabinets left of the refrigerator in Dexter’s kitchen below are dangerous to anyone over 6 feet 4 inches.

But should we really be surprised that a mass murderer has a dangerous kitchen?

I guess all of these TV characters should just be happy they didn’t have the ugliest TV kitchen of all time.

Honeymooners' Kitchen
Alice Kramden’s kitchen on The Honeymooners.

Does your favorite TV show’s kitchen have any of the problems we saw above?  Chances are they do.

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