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Cozy Winter Closet – Madewell 40% Off Sale Items

A little retail therapy will help cure some of these winter blues, right? This year we are getting on the right track from the very beginning. From organization to creating a wardrobe that really captures my current style. I will be taking full advantage of the The Found Cottage closet sale we host every year, where I offload some of my older stuff, stuff that doesn’t fit anymore, and just things I have metaphorically (and literally) grown out of. I have completely gone rogue in my closet, purging a lot– cutting the fluff in my closet. I am taking fully advantage of the winter sales going on, saving where I can save, and adding more staples like these great finds from Madewell. Madewell is currently having a massive sale right now that is an additional 40% off sale items using code REFRESH. I hope you enjoy my picks and find something for yourself in here too! Shop all the items above that are in this big sale & more by clicking the photos below: