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Buy the Weird Stuff!

I scored pretty big the past few weeks at a few local antique spots which felt good after a long dry winter spell of no fresh antiques. I do these weekend antique hauls once in a while to share some of my finds with you. Sometimes the posts are frequent if I am finding lots at thrift shops, flea markets, & antique stores at the moment & sometimes I style the items & sometimes I throw them in a pile to share with you. You never know what you will get, but I ALWAYS hope they inspire you in some way. You can see a list I did a while back with some shops local to me I love [HERE] & where you can find antiques online [HERE] & also if you want to see past weekend antique hauls you can check them out [HERE]. They end up here on the blog a lot, but sometimes I just share them on my instagram so be sure to check out my profile & highlight [HERE] as well so you don’t miss anything I share there daily like antique shopping trips, hauls, & more. This post is fun because I styled some recent antique hauls all together in a tiny space in our home & that rarely happens where the haul is so big & that all the items work together so well so here is a glimpse at those items & that small cute corner…

That shelf caught my eye first. I didn’t know if it would be an item that I used in cope’s room, put in an entryway, our pool house, or bring to the shop to use to style, but I knew I had to have it. From there I found some amazing antique small books that I can add to my collection of the series that I already own, a string dispenser, some pottery, artwork, & so much more that I shared in my antique highlight [HERE].

I hope this little message to get some fun and “not so new” unique items to create a one of a kind home that displays your style perfectly or tells a story. I am loving this sound that hit social media recently that says, buy the weird stuff that makes your home the best estate sale… While it’s not my primary motivator, I do love the thought of people appreciating my little collections even beyond my time here. Also, one of my favorite designers and inspiring people local to me, Jean Stoffer, has a new book, “Establishing Home,” is very inspiring and motivated me out of a little design lull. Check out here book [HERE]. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Keep up with us daily on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you again and stay cozy!