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How to Remove Broken 3M Command Strips

Easy trick for removing a broken Command strip from walls or windows! 

I have a super quick tip to remove broken 3M Command strips that I have found
very helpful over the years! 

I find most of the time when I go to
remove a Command hook, the sticky strip breaks at just the right part
so that I can’t pull on it anymore. 

This easy fix allows you to remove the
wall or window hooks without access to the tab. 

I use the Command strips often, especially at the holidays. So this is especially helpful this time of year! 

When it comes to removing them from the wall, I start pulling and
grimacing because I’m SURE the hook is going to break free and snap back at my
face or my hand. 

It never fails that the tab breaks, on at least one of them! 

The tab breaks off just under the hook and
then I’m left with the hook and the sticky stuff still on the wall (or window)
and no way to get it off: 

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The thing is, you can’t just pull this off — at least on a wall. 

It will pull
your drywall off (I tell you this from personal experience) and leave a nice
little spot to repaint or patch. 

On a window or mirror you’ll need some
leverage to get it to pop off, and you risk scratching the surface. 

This is my easy Command strip removal method and it works every time!
I’m guessing you’ll have what you need in the bathroom. 

Just grab some dental floss: 

floss for command strips

I mean, we have lots of this stuff from the dentist right? Ours seem to
multiply. If you need one let me know. 🙂 

Cut off a decent length of dental floss so you can grip it well on both ends. 

Moving it back and forth, wedge the floss behind the plastic part — if you
can get it behind the sticky stuff, that’s great!

If not it will still work:

how to remove broken command strips

Wiggle it down behind until it reaches the bottom. Your hook will come right

If your hook is really stuck your floss may break — sometimes I have to use a
couple pieces, sometimes one does the trick. 

If you have
fishing line that also works great for removing stuck Command strips! 

Sometimes the sticky part may still be left on the surface. 

On the wall I find
it peels right off without damage when you can pull up a corner and peel it
off. Work slowly and it should come off easily.

On this window it wasn’t as easy with the heat baking it on for, ahem…a few

remove command strip from window
If it’s SUPER stuck to mirror or glass, grab a
straight razor/scraper
and clean the residue off with that. Most of mine came off and I used some
Goo Gone
to get the rest. 

 A helpful reader recommended using a hair dryer if you don’t have floss. Great idea!

It’s just silly how easy it is to do this and now I am free to cringe away
when I remove Command hooks around the house — because I now know how to get
them off without damage. 

Here’s an image to pin this and save for later if you’d like: 

how to remove stuck command strips

I love quick and easy tips like this so I like to share them with you! 

Do you break your strips every time as well? 

It is
entirely possible I’m the only person with the irrational fear of the sticky
tape so maybe I’m the only one who needs this. Ha! Wouldn’t be the first