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Family Christmas 2022

Family traditions are bound to change over the years and ours has started to change and evolve as well. When Renee and Bruce moved to Louisiana over a year ago, that certainly changed things as far as holidays go. But it’s still a very special time and I thought I’d share our family time with you this year as I usually do. We still have so much to be thankful for and we definitely are grateful for all God’s blessings on our family. We do not know how many holidays we will have with mom and dad and so we try to make them all special just in case it’s the last one.

Mark and I got dressed up and went to an Acworth business women’s Christmas party this year and that was fun. I joined that group a couple of years ago and have enjoyed getting to know so many women in my community. It was fun to take our husbands to the party and celebrate together. And it gave me a chance to get a little dressed up, which I don’t do much anymore.

This year, Lauren and Renee and family came home early for Christmas, the weekend before Christmas for a few days and we celebrated early, which was just fine. We picked up home cooking food for our lunch together at Dogwood and since Daddy tested positive for Covid that week, he wasn’t able to get out and be with us in the dining room for our lunch, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Parker loves Daisy and spent a couple of nights with us while they were home. Lauren rented one of the hospitality suites next door to Dogwood at Holbrook, so her family had plenty of room to spread out and they could walk next door to see mom often. She really enjoyed that too.

Lauren, mom and the girls. They sure are growing up aren’t they?

Bruce’s mom, Doris, came too and had lunch with us and visited with mom. She is one year younger than mom and still lives alone in a house in Woodstock. As always, we had a good time together and enjoyed their visit home.

I made soup one night and had them all over to our house and that was nice.

Our dining room saw a lot of action this year with family gatherings and it’s nice to use it for these occasions.

We had already cleared the table of the (real) soup bowls and were having dessert. Someone mentioned on my Instagram messages, they couldn’t believe I would serve on paper plates, but we are a casual family and sometimes paper is just more convenient, so that’s how we roll. The main thing is that we are together enjoying each other.

Parker and Mark

Alex in her cute Santa top. This was in their apartment.

Once dad was out of quarantine and we could visit him, we went over and gave him his presents. Renee and Lauren got to see Dad before they headed back home so that was good. Mom is already wearing her spiffy new clothes from Blair.

Lauren with mom and dad. Dad is a little more confused these days. He still knows us, but got mixed up on who Lauren was this time. That’s just the way it is with dementia. He lives in the moment, enjoys food, fires in the fireplace and talking about the weather. We communicate with him where he is at this time and that is OK. Life is different now, but still very blessed. Since he went in the hospital before Thanksgiving, he seems to be more fatigued now and is taking more naps. He goes back to bed after breakfast most days and then gets up for lunch and stays up the rest of the day until bed time. This seems to be his new normal now.

We bought him new sweat pants and shirts and I think he liked them.

We gave mom a lot of new clothes from Blair which she absolutely loves. She got so many new things that she will have to clean out her closet to make room for them all.

Lauren and Renee headed back to Louisiana and mom was saying goodbye to Alex. It’s so special that she gets to see her great granddaughters pretty often.

Dad wearing his new shirt I got him, also from Blair.

Random shots around our house for Christmas, Miss Daisy on the stairs.

Meanwhile, Mark’s side of the family is expanding rapidly. I think I mentioned that 3 out of 4 of Mark’s daughters were pregnant at the same time. They were all 3 born within 5 weeks of each other and we are so happy they are here, safe and sound.

Ivy, Logan and Reese, 3 blessings from heaven. We have loved seeing all of them and getting to hold the new babies. Two of them came to our house on Christmas Eve and we all loved passing them around.

We smoked a big turkey, made sides and everyone brought something so we had a feast for Christmas Eve at our house. It was so nice to see everyone!

This is part of Mark’s family, 2 of his daughters and their husbands and kids, Mark’s sister and brother-in-law, plus 2 of their adult children and Mark’s mom was there. We had a wonderful visit and it was a perfect Christmas Eve at home. We got this pic using the timer.

Meanwhile, down in Louisiana, the family down there had a great Christmas too. They went to a Christmas Eve service at church and looked so cute.

I loved all these pics they sent.

Renee, Bruce and the girls.

Lauren and Philip, Alex, Iris and Parker. These girls are growing up too fast! I commented back by text how cute all these pics were and how amazing it was that they got Alex to smile on cue. Lauren replied back, Nae Nae hit Papa in the head with a wrapping paper tube while we took pics and that was the winning strategy. 

Now I’m looking at these pics laughing!

Today, Christmas morning, I picked up mom and dad and brought them over for breakfast and we had a nice visit with them and then sat by the fire and chatted. I made blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon which they enjoyed. Dad loved sitting by the fireplace and napping too.

So that’s a recap of our family Christmas this year. Lots of blessings, lots of changes, but overall a really nice Christmas. I trust you and your family have enjoyed this holiday season together and that you feel the peace that Christmas brings to our hearts. Merry Christmas!

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