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DIY Tablecloth Curtains – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Curtains

I have been on the hunt for curtains for our back living room for a long time now & it’s really seemed like an impossible task. I wanted to find some block print curtains that were lightweight, extra long, & not too expensive. Everything I was finding was either not in our color palette, too expensive, or not tall enough for our Andersen French doors so I had to get creative & it made me fall in love with this space even more than I was before…

After searching for a very long time I realized I wasn’t going to find anything that I loved so I had to take it into my own hands & make something that I wanted for the space. I’ve done it before, but it took me a minute to think of the diy tablecloth curtains that I’ve made in the past because I ran into this same issue. So when the idea struck again I started to search for tablecloths that I loved & I found [THESE] at Pottery Barn & instantly knew that they would make beautiful block print curtains. I then purchased curtain rods & curtain ring clips [HERE] & anxiously awaited for them all to arrive to cozy up our back living room.

The DIY tablecloth curtains are super easy to make. It’s simply clipping the rings at the top of the tablecloth & hanging them on your curtain rod. You can “hem” the curtain for length by folding over the fabric and clipping to make them shorter. The best part of using tablecloths? Even fabric by the yard can get really pricey so $70 for a curtain panel that is already hemmed for you is a great option. You can also use flat sheets, drop cloths, & other options like this, but the tablecloth curtain will always be a favorite of mine.

You can see more sources for the room [HERE]. Have you used this method before? I hope this helps those of you out there looking for a cozy curtain option that won’t break the bank & that will elevate your space in a unique way. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx