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Holiday Espresso Bar

The kitchen just got a whole lot cozier! Did you know that my first job was being a barista? It was my favorite job because of the people, the art of making drinks, & of course all the coffee I got to drink on the job. Well, now I get to pretend to be a barista again in my own kitchen. Call it ‘White Cottage Farm Coffee Shop’ & I can whip you up a latte while we chat over the kitchen island. That would be fun right?! I have been having so much fun using our GE Profile Espresso Machine that we picked up at Wayfair & I am sharing it today because it’s part of the 40% off small appliance sale & what a great gift this would make for the coffee lover in your life! My favorite part? You all know I am a homebody & this little machine has made for less coffee trips & more snuggles on the sofa in my pajamas with my homemade lattes. Do you make your coffee at home or are you a coffee shop loyalist? I am now a healthy balance of both & that feels good! Let me know what you think of our cozy coffee corner!

The holidays are here and so are the holiday parties. Our home has become an awesome place to host for friends and family. It’s centrally located among family, and is somewhat wheelchair accessible for my grandparents. When we moved here, we dreamt of these days, even with the added stress that comes with hosting. I have shared different tips and tricks to make things easier leading up to the gathering, what to consider, and little ways to add to the experience of your guests. Today we are adding to those tips and tricks with another way to add an experience to your party, while also giving you full access to those perfect tasty little beverages we all run to our favorite coffee shops for.

If you didn’t know, I use to be a barista while I was in high school and early college. I absolutely loved that job, connecting with the regulars and getting a little creative with drinks, all geared toward making someone’s day a little bit better. I do miss those days, not the milk stained shoes (fellow baristas know what I’m talking about), but most things that came with working in a coffee shop. Even being behind the counter, I am still a simple coffee drinker, my current drink of choice is an Oat Milk Latte, no additional syrups or sugar, just a plain latte with oat milk. As a host, I do love the idea of being able to offer people a custom latte of their choice, to make their time at our party just a little bit better. I mean we have all been there, you ate just enough apps, slightly indulge in a main course, but leaving room for dessert, and are secretly wishing you had a latte to go with that perfect holiday pie.  

I turn to our new GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother not only to make each day a little better for me, but also to add to the experience for my guests during our gatherings. The GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother says it may be for more experienced at-home baristas, but Jose, who has never been behind the barista counter, and I make a latte with the best of them, minus the art (we’ve tried, its bad). The GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother comes the SmartHQ mobile app. It’ll help you maintain your Espresso Maker, let you know when it needs to be cleaned or, descaled, and it has a section to customize your beverage settings. With the frother wand, you can set the temperature for hot water, that’ll make perfect teas ready to drink right off the counter (if you are not a hot-hot coffee or tea drinker). Something I have learned is, even with a large amount of counter space, you need to save where you can, both on the counter and at the outlets. I am so happy this espresso maker comes with a bean hopper that grinds for you right into the portafilter, saving the space of having an additional grinder. No more separate grinder, spooning out to the portafilter, and usually making a mess right at step 1. This espresso maker has 15 different grind settings from coarse to fine and both single and dual wall filters for single and double shots of espresso, letting you customize your perfect shot.  The dual wall filters help you keep your latte mixtures more consistent, something very important for those starting out.

Exciting news for those bringing out their inner-barista from home. Wayfair is helping you to save up to 40% off their small appliances. That includes GE, GE Profile, and Cafe small appliances. We currently have the GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker, and love it! We use it daily and attribute a lot of our healthier decision making, of drinking more water, to having ice cold water always at the ready. Loving our other GE Profile product, we knew the GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother would be easy to use and understand. So check them out now, before the sale ends, and let me know how you like your homemade lattes. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. I hope you enjoyed this little tip on how we are adding to our hosting duties, to make our guests enjoy their time just a little bit more. Keep up with us daily on the socials over at Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Thank you again and stay cozy!