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7 Unique Gallery Wall Scroll Stoppers

Gallery walls! It’s really a true art form & lately as I scroll I’ve been seeing a lot of unique gallery walls that are so inspiring so I wanted to share them here with you today. I love sharing scroll stoppers weekly because I follow so many amazing creatives that stop me in my scroll & it would be selfish of me to keep them to myself so I hope that these posts bring you tons of inspiration & lots of new creatives to follow to bring some beauty to your scroll…

We all know why I love this gallery wall that zioandsons posted. The white painted floors, all that bright light, the white & wood combo, & that beautiful floor to ceiling gallery wall… PERFECTION!!

That pop of color & that gallery wall in this historic home is just perfection. It’s fun for me to imagine the trim color in different fun shades like a muted blue, green, or can. you even see it in a dusty rose? I love how brianbranton got my brain on a creative roll with this gorgeous photo!

I love how mandyenohome gave us a break from Christmas decor this month with this beautiful cozy shot with that perfect gallery wall in the back. So inspiring especially as we head towards Christmas & we all start thinking about packing up the Christmas decor once more.

I love a good gallery wall that does not include the typical framed art. Some plates & taxidermy makes this gallery wall by jamestfarmer so interesting & adds so much character to this space. A must follow for sure!!

jessicalevantiques brought us right back to Christmas with this lovely shot of a stair gallery wall. I love that wall sconce mixed in the gallery wall, but that garland with the red bows steals the show for sure.
megan.d.miller can do no wrong!! I love her cozy home & all of her antique finds. This antique portrait gallery wall that surrounds her tv is so beautiful & really blends in the television with her antique style home. She’s a must follow for sure!
I just love a good quirky gallery wall with character. It truly is an art form & seanandersondesign does it so good!!! This gallery wall is one that you just want to sit and study for a while which is how you know it’s a good one!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!! xx