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Our Basement Tour With Fun, Traditional Christmas Decor

A tour of our cozy Christmas basement with traditional and festive decor!

Our basement is a warm and homey space with dark gray walls and a looooong TV built in that I finished up early last year. 

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I built that giant beast of a bookcase! Wow. Seems like it was only a few months ago. 🙂

I’m still a lover of a playful and festive look though, so it’s fun to decorate the basement living room with traditional Christmas colors every year. 

I didn’t share a tour of this space last Christmas, so I figured it would be fun to share the holiday decor down there! 

We set up our Christmas village on the large bench under the TV because it’s so spacious. It’s been the perfect spot: 

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Large gray bookcase wall

We try to add to our village every year or two, but we’re starting to run out of room. I think we can comfortably only add a few more. 🙂 

Christmas village display under TV
traditional Christmas decor family room

Our tree has a great spot over to the side of the built ins. I decorate it in red, green, white and black ornaments, garland and ribbon. 

tree with green red black ornaments
battery clip on candles for tree

They come with suction cups for windows as well. The set comes with 24 candles and they flicker like real candles. There’s a remote that makes them easy to turn on as well. (With a timer.)

Love them!! That popcorn garland is still a favorite too. (You can find it at Hobby Lobby.)

I didn’t do a ton of decor on the shelves or tables in this space because the village is so busy visually. 

This sweet, tiny brass nativity set is one of my favorites to pull out: 

miniature brass nativity set

I wish I could remember where I got that! I’m sure it was secondhand. They are SO small but very detailed. 

dark walls with wood dresser
large framed IKEA map art

This year I added battery-operated twinkle lights to the garland, and didn’t even realize till I stepped back that it looks like the lights on Santa’s reins and sleigh!:

felt reindeer garland with sleigh

ADOYABLE! (As my niece says.)

This room is such a fun space. It’s more sophisticated most of the year, but the kid in me definitely comes out at Christmas:

grey sectional with chaise

At the bottom of the stairs, I hung these velvet covered stars. They have lights inside that operate on a battery, so they light up on their own at night: 

We’ve moved some furniture around on the other side of the room, because we wanted to add a cozy seating area near the new(ish) electric fireplace
dark green electric fireplace
I found those faux leather chairs on sale at Big Lots earlier this year and we LOVE them. They are so comfy. 

We also really like how roomy they are. Plenty of room to get cozy! 

We moved the long table over a bit, but I’m not sure where it will land for good:

fireplace with two leather chairs
The final placement will depend on the new kitchenette that I finally started last month. (More on that soon!)
Having that table has been so wonderful for entertaining, but I also find that I use it a lot for crafting and more recently, lots of wrapping! (Find out more about the table and this space here.)

We’re definitely basement people and spend a lot of time down here. I hibernate in the basement family room in the winter especially. 

We turn on the fireplace, dim the lights, and the animals all cozy up with us: 

tortie cat on blanket

I hope you enjoyed the basement tour! 

I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule this week and next. The first two weeks of December are always nuts for us…we went away as a family for a few days, celebrated five birthdays in our immediate family (and two birthday parties), attended numerous band concerts and hosted a Christmas party! 

I love the hustle and bustle of this season, but I’m ready to hibernate! 🙂 Hope you’re all doing well and hanging in there!