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Simple Cozy Cottage Kitchen Christmas Decor

As I am scrolling on Instagram or on Pinterest these days I am often hit with the thought of others who look through my content & others who share their home daily. I wonder if they get as overwhelmed as me as I scroll & I also wonder if I am ever the source of that overwhelm for others which I pray never happens. But I am sure if I think realistically about it that I have been that source of overwhelm for someone as I share a clean house daily, the highlights of my day, & the few seconds daily sharing happy updates & new sources. I hate that about what I do. I sometimes wish I could share what is happening in the trenches. Sometimes I share a glimpse there as I have lost many babies, dealt with depression, struggled with deployments, moved away from the state we called home for 10 years, lost family members.. but it’s not the daily trenches and it’s not everything. Mostly because I only have a few minutes a day to share on socials & the blog so I pick the the highlights & quickly get them out because I enjoy sharing & don’t want to miss the opportunity to share my joys, passions, projects, creative adventures, & more. I hope you do find inspiration on my little corner of the internet, but I also hope you don’t use it as a comparison tool because what you don’t see is the dirty laundry, closets that need tending to, dog hair in the corners of every room, half done projects everywhere, & the mom fails that are bound to happen every single day. Remember, even when you don’t see it: No ones life is perfect & the second we have those feelings of comparison instead of inspiration or joy as we scroll, we need to log off. Each season I have so much to share, but I don’t even have enough time to share everything ‘I want to from DIY’s to decor to holiday ideas, but I always hope that I share enough & keep this space new and refreshed along with being helpful always to you. I was looking through some of my photos from Christmas seasons today & this set of photos in the kitchen caught my eye & inspired me to talk about keeping things as simple as you need to & not feeling overwhelmed to keep up with all the accounts you see as you scroll. The only one you need to keep up with is yourself. What do you want your seasonal decor to look like? What makes your home cozy during the holidays? What does your family enjoy around the holidays? What traditions do you have? Do that. It’s great to gather inspiration, but never try to emulate someones life when it’s not something you love, something you can maintain, or something that you can afford. In this kitchen look I kept it simple & I hope this inspires you to really see what some simple garland can do for a space at Christmas time…

A simple garland, a wreath, & maybe even a few ornaments setting around… it doesn’t need to all be a big diy, a reinvention of the wheel, or something new every single year. Keep it classic, keep it easy, & when you find a way you love styling your home around Christmas, do that. If you want to change things up, try something new, & want to spend a lot more time on your decor, do the too! What I am trying to say is I truly hope the you do what you love, decorate how you want, & create a cozy home for those that you love because cozy is different for everyone & by staying true to you it helps you keep your home truly cozy to you especially around the holidays.

Get the look:

Cozy is your 5 senses being at peace at once. As you decorate this season & as we get closer to Christmas, think of those 5 senses & how you can implement your favorites in each category into your home to cozy things up. I hope my jumbled words & these simple glimpses into a Christmas look in our kitchen can inspire you to be yourself this holiday season because it will allow you to really be in the moment & to soak in the holiday cheer making memories with all those who are under your roof.

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