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Outstanding Bathroom Designs by Studio 7 Design Group

November 24, 2022

The Studio 7 team provides clients with innovative, dynamic, and functional design solutions. The ideas and goods of the company symbolize livable luxury. To determine the creative direction and project objectives, the entire firm collaborates closely with customers.

Bathroom Designs by Studio 7 Design Group

Commercial and residential locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, the New York Area, Alabama, and Miami are included in the firm’s portfolio and client list.

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Bathroom Design by Studio 7

The firm can effectively complete all projects’ architecture, construction, renovation, restoration, and interior decoration phases thanks to the full-service design model it uses. By keeping each customer informed throughout the design and construction process, Studio 7 aims to gain their respect.


A bathroom that brilliantly demonstrates the marriage of white and golden fixtures. Enjoy the luxury of the Symphony Bathtub, a magnificent tub that was inspired by music and has gold-plated brass tubes that elevate its beauty. is the ideal option

Bathroom Design by studio 7


When you envision peaceful and tranquil times as well as a nice location to spend your evening with a bubble bath and a glass of wine, a neutral white master bathroom is always an excellent choice for a bathroom design! White and luxurious marble is used in the architecture of this amazing marble bathroom, which also features the ideal Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub in the middle of its distinctive master bathtub.

Bathroom Design by Studio 7


With a set of Colosseum Mirrors, Lapiaz Marble Vessel Sinks, and Cristal Larzac Surface that give this fantastic bathroom a unique touch, a unique suite unit will significantly boost your daily mood. The magnificent vessel sink with space for two in this Suite Douro master bathroom provides the ideal dark contrast to the gold decor. This piece, which has an odd shape, will give your bathroom the contemporary appearance you want. The golden washbasin stands out against the rest of the design, adding the subtle luxury impression that a modern powder room needs along with an amazingly unique and ground-breaking resting area.

Bathroom Design by Studio 7


The height of serenity and comfort in this chic, contemporary bathroom. This room will definitely get your guests talking because it combines elegant design with golden accents. This room, along with the Nazca Washbasin and the Cay Rectangular Mirror, is sure to calm you during your day and nightly routines. This gorgeous modern bathroom is a requirement for self-care and relaxation.

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