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DIY Matte Ornaments

For those loving our Christmas DIY’s this year, I have a really simple and very affordable DIY for you today. It’s a perfect project to customize your tree or other areas you may be displaying some ornaments. Ornaments come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes you want a specific color, sheen, or maybe change up your tree look that you have done in the past… this DIY is for you. You can buy ornaments like all of these I shared [HERE], but if you need a lot it can really add up. This DIY can be free because you may already have the items on hand. Let’s look how we incorporated these DIY Matte ornaments into one of our Christmas trees, and to give you an idea on how you can repurpose old ornaments you aren’t attached to, or fit a specific color and style to better fit your space.

It’s common for people to add sentimental ornaments each year or showcase those special family trips-turned ornament… Typically those are going to fill your tree entirely, or sometimes you may want to keep those one of a kind delicate ornaments in the boxes this Christmas. To better fit your style this year, this DIY Matte Ornament is a perfect to fill your tree. I started to decorate this Christmas tree in our back living room & I started to struggle because I noticed I wasn’t getting that eclectic look that I wanted, but I don’t really have a budget to go out & buy all new ornaments so I had to get crafty. I used a white craft paint, any craft paint will work for this project and to get a matte finish and a little texture, we mixed in a little baking soda. Now if you don’t want a matte finish you could simply paint these ornaments with just craft paint, one quick step and your done, or paint and clear coat for a more shiny finish.I purchased a bulk pack of clear ornaments (link) to do this craft, but if you have some old ornaments that you are heading for the donation pile, look to see if they would be a good fit for this project, a great way to repurpose and reuse items we already have.

What I love about these ornaments, is that I custom selected the white to a perfect warmer white, something that fits my style and the space. I could see a matte gold and red looking really good in a tree, or any other color you’re wanting to establish in your space. You could be done and call it a day… but why would we do that, when we can make it just a touch more eclectic. I found a bunch of vintage-inspired ribbon (link) and thought they’d add the prefect soften touch of texture to this project and our tree. Just a very simple knot around the ornament hook with enough fabric to drape a little beyond the branch adds just the right amount of funky eclectic vintage vibe.

We worked in some of our other ornaments into the space, along with some vintage Santa garland cards turned ornaments, and I am really happy with the vibe of this tree. I hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY Matte Ornaments project to add a little personal touch to your tree, and a great project for those kiddos in your home too. Sometimes its the simplest projects that are right in front of us… even I forget sometimes that I can simply just paint them myself. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us. Stay cozy!