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5 Cozy Christmas Tree Scroll Stoppers

As we just left Thanksgiving behind & we are entering the month of December in a few days I thought it would be super appropriate to share some Christmas trees that stopped me in my scroll this week. This is my favorite time of year for scroll stoppers because every photo is over the top cozy & filled with joyful inspiration. Today I gathered up 5 unique Christmas trees that are all so different from each other, but all so cozy. I hope you find some inspiration for your Christmas tree & also some amazing creatives to follow in your scroll as well…

Each of these trees on this list of scroll stoppers today is unique from one another & so starting with this unique show stopper from clausdalby seemed right! This tree made me gasp out loud when I saw it & I truly set a dream in my mind that one day we will have a tree like this in our home!

From big & grand to small & quaint… but equally as stunning! This tree that besspier shared is inspiration to let your tree become a work of art. A unique tree stand & accents that let the tree take center stage is such a beautiful way to decorate for Christmas!

mandyenohome always has my heart! Her home is the coziest & of course her tree is just simply cozy in her space as well! She’s a must follow for a sigh of beauty in your feed!

The quirkier the better! This tree from francois_et_moi stopped me in my scroll immediately with it’s charming shape & unique tree trimmings.

oldsilvershed can do NO WRONG ever! I loved the post she did on her tree that you have to go see because she shared it naked & it was already stunning & then she decorated it & who knew you could perfect perfection… I just love her & all she does! A must follow for sure!

A lovely 6th bonus tree:

I HAD to include this beautiful scene from carlaypage because it truly made me stare at it for 30 minutes when I saw it & even though it was my 6th find of the week when I usually share 5, this was needed & I’m sure you see why. Every detail is just a work of art.

I hope you find all these cozy christmas trees inspiring! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & for showing some love to these amazing creatives that I love following. xx